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Michael Dobbs Triumphs over Rivals at Borgata’s $230 Deeper Stack NLHE

Poker action is going deeper at the famous poker arena at the Borgata in Atlantic City and more and more players are in for the money as the time flies by. This Thursday saw the anticipated fourth event of the Deepstacks Challenge poker festival which was a $230 Deeper Stack No-Limit Hold’em. Michael Dobbs is the skillful winner of this poker challenge and this granted him a total of $9,669 for his deep run in the tournament.

Action is taking us on another level as chip stacks are getting bigger and buy-ins rise in unison. For the fourth consecutive day players were lining in to take their seats at the Borgata venue, all of them bracing for exploring the player feel and the challenges it had on offer. The beginning of this Thursday’s action drew a total of 169 participants willing to lay their hands on their pile of chips and operate with them in the most suitable manner possible. Action commenced at exactly 11 a.m. promising an entire day filled with fast-paced moves on the felt and well-known names willing to reach the throne.

Guaranteed prize pool previously announced amounted to $30,000 but thanks to the generous mandatory buy-ins and the large number of players interested in participation, it swelled to a total of $34,000. Only the top 18 positions on the leader board were eligible for the cash payouts of the event, a motivation enough for many of the entrants. Throughout 23 levels of poker hands, ups, and downs, the most skillful of entries managed to reach far on the official rank list of the event and write their names in history.

Each level of action lasted for 25 minutes, providing them with enough time to consider their next move, while still keeping action short and snappy. Just like in the previous three tournaments of this festival, right before the scheduled dinner break players were reduced to less than 30 still going strong. However, more time was necessary until they reached only 18 and the money bubble coming with it. This happened following the break when the minimum $492 cash payout of this fourth event was claimed by Ryan Gaynor.

Poker Action Enters Deeper Water

Shortly after him, two more players were quick to exit the race and those were Glynn Smith, and Andrew Klein, bagging the same amount of money. Michael Marder claimed the 15th spot and this $547 was the 80th cash payout for him claimed at an event hosted at Borgata. This is how poker action led to the Final Table phase where ten players were ready to showcase their true potential and battle for the trophy.

The first one to leave without it, but with a sweet paycheck was Paul Spitzberg, claiming $656 for his performance. He was eliminated by the eventual winner Dobbs. Shortly after that two anonymous players, one of them known among the player pool as Mister B, the other as Anonimouse A had a two-way battle for the cashes.

Ultimately Mister B claimed the 7th place and $1,311 coming with it. The other player was later eliminated shortly after by Dobbs himself, reaching the 6th spot and $1,639. The winner added a third trophy to his collection generated in Borgata tournaments with this Event 4. It could be recalled that this January brought him a good fortune at the World Poker Tour Borgata Winter Poker Open where he claimed some $28,000.

His first-ever trophy came in 2016 when he played at the March Monster Stacks festival and deserved $19,680, adding them to his total live earnings of $651,958. As for the runner-up position in this Deeper NLHE event, it was reserved for Michael Solimando who could not outplay Dobbs in the heads-up duel. The former bagged a total of $5,410 for his skills on the poker table.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.