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Washington’s Cowlitz Tribe Brings Problem Gambling Support Program to Vancouver

Responsible gaming is among the highly discussed topics across the states and worldwide, as more and more people begin to realize the true impact gambling could have on players if things get out of hand. The previously stated by Cowlitz Tribe plans for establishing a problem gambling program finally came to fruition this summer making a conscious move in the right direction with the help of three certified tribal counselors.

It could be recalled that far before the official launch of the tribe’s successful Ilani Casino Resort, the tribal operator made it clear that it has intentions to introduce safety measures for everyone interested in seeking help in order to overcome their gambling addiction and to reduce the negative effects coming with it. Opening date for the tribal casino resort in La Center, Washington was 24th April 2017 and since there had been a legal struggle for the developer, one of the selling points was the introduction of a specifically dedicated program for compulsive gambling recovery aiming to minimize damage.

What should be taken into account, is that the tribal casino operator would not influence the program in any way, as instead players would be able to refer to the tribal counselors and seek their assistance. In order to keep matters discreet, employees of the tribal casino would provide players interested in seeking help with details, but would not directly recommend it to those not interested in taking action. The special Player Services area located at the casino venue would be able to provide casino patrons with the needed guidance.

The Cowlitz Tribal Treatment Program is situated in Vancouver, Washington where it has the potential to attract more players willing to make a change in their lives. Personal approach is vital in this situation of need where people are interested in being listened to and have their reasons for gambling understood. In this sense, an individual approach towards counseling is available in the program. Since an addictive personality is the main drive behind this issue, the program could also prove to be beneficial for people prone to psychoactive drug use.

Gambling Addiction Support Vital for the Community

Group counseling would be available in the future as well, aiming to have an impact on more people at once. The tribe is taking its role seriously and would continue developing the program to provide an all-encompassing support program for everyone interested in bettering their status quo.The Ilani Casino Resort itself is 368,000-square-foot, where the fans of casino games can find all type of slot machines and gaming tables.

The casino is also equipped with restaurants and bars, offering to its visitors a classy atmosphere. Regardless of the different obstacles, which were met in the meanwhile, the US Court allowed the building of the casino. The tribal developer faced considerable obstacles on the way towards launching its integrated resort, as the currently operating casino developers in La Center disagreed with the tribal plans to develop near the city. They feared cannibalizaiton of the field and a negative impact on their gross gamign revenues.

The location had been picked due to the potential for development provided by Ridgefield. It should be taken into account that the tribe’s historic lands where now is situated Kelso city. Ilani Casino Resort was among the tribal properties which had the potential to launch sports betting in partnership with another tribal operator – Mohegan Gaming, but for the time being, authorities have not considered lifting the ban on wagering on sports events and providing the field with the appropriate framework.

The state of Washington is investing heavily into gambling addiction and compulsive gaming and there are many programs targeting these harmful habits. The National Problem Gambling Helpline is omnipresent and players could always seek guidance from it, but there are also other organizations available. Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling headquartered in Olympia is among the options provided by the state authorities. In addition to that, there is also the Washington State Behavioral Health and Service Integration Administration.

 Author: Harrison Young

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