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King’s Casino, Rozvadov Heats Up TIPS €100,000 GTD Main Event with 85 Entries

Poker festivals are among the most riveting congregations in the gambling world as they provide like-minded people with the chance to reunite and test their skills in real-life conditions. King’s Casino located in Rozvadov, Czech Republic is home of The Indian Poker Series in progress until Sunday and the Main Event’s first starting flight has already gone down in history with a total of 85 entries registering.

This Thursday launched action in full throttle with the first Satellite to TIPS Main Event Day 1a. It starts three hours before the official starting flight and aims to attract more players at a smaller price. TIPS Main Event features a buy-in of €220 while the satellite event amounts to some €40 only. This provided many players with the chance to measure skills and eventually some of them made it to the culminating event.

Just like every Main Event, this is going to be a multiple-day tournament which features several starting flights aiming to gather as many participants as possible. With a total of four regular starting flights and a fifth Turbo one on Sunday, this event is projected to attract the attention of many players. The guaranteed prize pool is set to €100,000 but it is highly possible that it would be surpassed. Final Day of action would take place on Sunday, providing all survivors with the chance to claim top prizes.

Thursday also brought the first starting flight which attracted 67 enthusiasts willing to make it all the way to the top. From them, some 18 were eliminated sooner than originally planned and had to opt for their re-entry option. Following registration with the help of a €220 buy-in each of them commenced the race towards the big cashes with a chip stack of 50,000.

Levels lasted some 40 minutes of action, providing players with the chance to showcase their full potential. After all was said and done only 25 entries managed to make it to the other side and they would reunite once again on the official Day 2 of the Main Event.

Culminating Event Transforms King’s Casino

For the time being, the player with shortest chip stack among Day 1a players is Lorenzo Costabile from Italy who has some 15,000 in chips to his name. This flight also witnessed familiar accomplished names from the Welcome Event such as Ankit Saxena who claimed the eight position on the temporary leader board with his chip stack of 192,500.

It could be recalled that this Wednesday he also reached the 8th spot for €420 at the first event for this poker festival. Another familiar face was Varun Ganjoo who ranked 22st at the end of this Thursday’s action with a chip stack of 82,500 in chips. At the Welcome Event, he barely made it to the cash prizes, reserving the minimum payout of €197.

Jeremy Bleu is another player who made it to the top spots at both of the events and he is one of the promising participants of this tournament. He ranked 5th at the end of Day 1a with his chip stack of 296,000, guaranteeing riveting action on Day 2 set to take place this weekend. Varun Gupta who climbed to the 14th spot on the unofficial rank list is another potential winner with a lot to offer.

The Indian player had some 129,000 in chips at the end of the day whereas his total live earnings amounting to $53,447 prove his skills on the felt. However, at the moment the player with the biggest chances of claiming the throne is current chip leader Krzysztof Tomasz from Poland who has a total of 535,000 in chips dominating the field.

His spot on Day 2 is reserved and if other players fail to amass larger chip stacks, he might welcome all survivors as the chip leader. This Friday is set to welcome Day 1b of the Main Event attracting more enthusiasts to the overall player pool.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.