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Displeased Players Claim Refunds amid Talking Stick Resort Damage Control Closure

Nature is often unpredictable and it can cause quite the damage with its self-willed essence. This has been the case with the most recent monsoon storm significantly damaging Scottsdale’s Talking Stick Resort and Casino which brought power outage, flooding on the ground floor of the building, as well as many people having their plans impacted to some extent. Major poker festival hosted there was also canceled.

The universe has its way with things and ruining our carefully devised plans and this is something the guests of the Arizona integrated resort witnessed first-hand over this weekend, which brought one of the most damaging storms over the span of the past several months for the state. Monsoon storms have been raging throughout the Valley of Arizona and Phoenix in the past several days which has brought significant damage to many households as well as power outages throughout the area.

Players interested in the casino activities on offer at Talking Stick were among the most affected by this unexpected turn of events, as they had to be evacuated for their own safety off the premises of the resort while their gaming was still in action. Slot machines are not the type of gaming where you can hit pause and by saving your progress continue later on. As many as 200 people were deep in gaming during the time of the monsoon storm evacuation which saw both players and hotel guests being evacuated around 2 a.m.

They were escorted to a parking lot available nearby where they had to anticipate more details regarding the situation and the evaluation progress on site. Water flooded the main and backup power generators of the resort which led to the situation. Many of them had their money detained by the slot devices as they were gaming at the time and this has been concerning many of them over the past several days.

According to the statement issued in order to put to rest all money-loss concerns, the Arizona Department of Gaming claimed that the said 844 devices available on site feature a data back up setting which is on.

Major Arizona Poker Festival Canceled

Players could be sure that the machines have saved their progress and additional information generated before the power outage hit the building. The regulator further specified that devices have this feature, but only once it has been put to the test would the casino management know for sure how the process has gone.

With its help, they would be able to receive their winnings and even enjoy more gaming action once operation of the casino resort resumes. Those of the casino players immersed in table gaming at the time of the evacuation could exchange their gaming chips at Casino Arizona. Whichever the case, all information has been safely stored in the player tracking system and would be retrieved when needed.

Meanwhile, poker enthusiasts from near and far have also been affected by the monsoon, as the casino management decided it will be safest if the 2018 Arizona State Poker Championship was canceled. Set to span over five days, this long-anticipated poker festival commenced officially on Friday right before the raging storm hit Saturday. Along the first event on offer, 553 players managed to generate a prize pool of $553,000, but on the next day the congregation was nixed and players are now being refunded.

About 90 of them were set to return for the second day of action, whereas the second starting flight on Saturday was expected to bring more players to the field. The ones arriving for it were welcomed by the staggering scene of an empty and flooded casino resort which was supposed to be booming with action at the time. They are being refunded as well, as it has been confirmed by the casino venue management.

As this is one of the pivotal festivals for the state, disappointment levels have gone through the roof upon the announcement. Each of the players willing to get their money back would have to provide their registration receipt including name and address on which the refund check would then be mailed.

It has been confirmed that the poker festival cancellation is being done since the casino resorts shall remain closed until 19th August. Teams are currently working on the cleanup of the venue, as well as removing damages on the power systems, in order to ensure smooth operation in the foreseeable future. Monsoon season in the region is responsible for about half of Arizona’s annual rainfall which could someitmes lead to devastating floodings.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.