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Monsoon-Damaged Talking Stick Resort and Casino on Track for Tuesday Reopening

The pleasant time of relaxation and gambling was abruptly halted for the guests of Talking Stick Resort and Casino in Arizona which had to be quickly evacuated from the premises of the casino resort. The reason for that was an unexpected situation with the power supply of the building as well as a flooding damaging the first floor. The unfortunate circumstances brought quite the distress to the guests who had to wait outside in the middle of the night for about three hours for their safety.

Unpleasant situations could occur at any given time and when it comes to nature and its twists and turns, they could have the unpredictable pattern, What matters is how the situation is weathered and the way in which is it handled by people taking matters into their own hands. Monsoon storms have been raging throughout the Valley of Arizona and Phoenix in the past several days which has brought significant damage to many households as well as power outages throughout the area. Over the span of the weekend, the sky above Arizona was lit by lightnings and wind gusts were asserting their dominance over the state.

As many as 900 people experienced a rough night in Scottsdale this Saturday as they had to be evacuated from the premises of the integrated resort following the flooding which drenched the first floor of the resort. They were evacuated by the first responders in this crisis situation as a precaution as their well-being was endangered by the weather conditions. People had to be escorted from their rooms and the gambling venue around 2:30 a.m. which was when the storm took place. However, this, unfortunately, caused the distress for many of them, claiming they were rushed outside without much of an explanation given while the storm was still raging.

Following the evacuation, they had to wait outside for more information for as many as three hours, before they were approached with more details. According to the statement, both the main and the secondary power generators utilized in times of need were hit by the monsoon and the flooding and this caused the power outage. Employees of the casino resort were also part of the evacuation operation. People responding to the crisis situation were quick to enter the examine the aftermath of the flooding and how much of the first floor was damaged by the flooding, which is what caused the delay of information provided.

Casino Resort Deals with Flooding Aftermath

Over the span of a couple of hours, they were evaluating the consequences of the extreme flooding which caused the immediate evacuation of people. As this is the venue first seen when a guest arrives, it is of utmost importance for the first floor to be restored back to its original condition. As the casino venue was still in operation during the emergency occurrence, many people had to be escorted out while they were playing at slot devices available on site.

This caused many of them to have their money kept by the machines while they were waiting outside for further notice at the parking lot available nearby. Safety comes first which is why the management reachted in a rapid manner. In order to mend the situation, casino venue management confirmed it is going to exchange any chips purchased prior to the evacuation for cash, whereas tickets for slot devices would also be retrievable as soon as Talking Stick’s operation resumes.

As it often happens around this time of the year, the weather conditions affected yet another poker festival which was set to commence on 10th August at the casino venue of the resort. The 14th edition of Arizona State Poker Championship was eagerly anticipated by poker enthusiasts from near and far, willing to give their luck a try on the felt. Due to the delay the festival would continue further in the week.

However, some of the players arriving for the first tournaments of its rich schedule faced the unusual situation and people being evacuated outside amid the devastating monsoon storm. As it has been confirmed, poker action was postponed to Monday when the weather is expected to get better.

Guests of the hotel venue had been offered the opportunity to be relocated to other integrated resorts for free in order to resume their holiday without affecting their plans too much. The expected time of opening is Tuesday, once the premises have been subjected to a thorough evaluation and all damage has been reviewed.

 Author: Harrison Young

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