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Jesse McKenzie Emerges Victorious at MPC Event 9 NLHE Bounty, Bags A$21,625

Melbourne recently witnessed the Final Table of yet another one of the premium events featured in this year’s edition of the Crown Melbourne Poker Championship Event 9 was one of the beloved by many No-Limit Hold’em Bounty tournament, which grants players with bonuses for an eliminated rival on the felt. Jesse McKenzie was the winner who bagged a total of A$21,625 for his excellent performance.

According to the special rules of this event, every table open for action at the Crown had one randomly appointed player to be the bounty. When he or she is eliminated, the player who survives has the right to bag some A$500 for this feat solely which comes from the generous prize pool of the event. On the other hand, if the bounty player manages to survive and makes it all the way to the top position on the official rank list, they are eligible for the said amount of money.

This arrangement is what made the event desirable for as many as 198 players willing to make it all the way to the throne. This poker festival is willing to go the extra mile and introduce a wide variety of events suitable for every taste and preferences, proving its intentions every single day since the beginning of August. Each player has to pay a buy-in amounting to some A$550 in order to enter the field and this grants them with a chip stack of some 10,000 in chips.

This might not seem like much, but it gives them the freedom to push through the field and manage action in the direction that most suits their goals. Thanks to their joint efforts and determination, the overall prize pool reached a total of A$94,500 which meant that the top 21 players on the official leader board at the end of the tournament were set for a sweet payday.

The first player to leave with a cash payout at this tournament was Steve Pappas from Sydney who managed to reach the 21st position bagging some A$870 for his performance. This is his first cash payout at a Crown event.

Poker Field Welcomes Generous Payouts

Vikrant Gupta wrote down third cash payout during this poker festival and a second one for this week, as he reached the 13th position. Gupta was eligible for some A$1,295 for his deep run, even though he could not make it to the Final Table. Dylan Foster was another participant who won big in this event by reaching the 7th position. This secured him A$3,890 for his deep run, marking his largest cash payout for this festival.

It could be recalled that he entered the Opening Event which was a No-Limit Hold’em Accumulator one and features a guaranteed prize pool of A$100,000. The total prize pool back then reached A$185,000 which meant that the top 72 players from all 740 registered were in for the cash. By reaching the 41st position he claimed A$850. Poker action was fast-paced and quickly reached the final battle on the felt which involved only the top survivors.

Mile Krstanoski reached the third position and listed his first Crown winning since 2015. For his good performance, he claimed some A$9,080, but could not make it to the heads-up duel. That one was reserved for Thomas Pearce and Jesse McKenzie who went in head first. Pearce showcased his poker potential but could not outplay his rival and had to settle for the silver and consolation prize of A$14,270.

This Friday is scheduled to welcome the last MPC Main Event Step 1 Satellite Shot Clock event which features a buy-in of A$90. One in every five participants has the chance to claim an MPC Step 2 spot which amounts to A$360.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

Benjamin Barry‘s career is worth observing, since he is not only a competent writer, but he has also practical experience at poker tables.