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Large Order of Sports Bets Available Soon at Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants

Sports betting could easily be qualified as the new gold rush across the states in the past several months, further proved by the recently announced plans of Buffalo Wild Wings to introduce wagering to its restaurants in the foreseeable future. Willing to capitalize on the increased popularity the sports bar has taken the opportunity into consideration for some of its locations.

There is a new player on the sports gambling field and this is going to be the well-known and beloved restaurant and sports bar franchise which operates across the states, but also in Canada, India, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. According to the recently issued plans for action, the brand is striving to make a move and gain a foothold in the sports betting field in an attempt to raise the popularity of its restaurants.

Implementing a sports book into the already existing dining experience preferred by a wide range of people across the states could be a winning bet for the company. At the moment Buffalo Wild Wings provides its customers with one of the preferred sports bars where they can watch sports games while enjoying the premium food offerings available. There are screens playing live games which end up being quite popular in periods of heated sports action. As the means necessary are already available, less effort would be needed.

Sports fans consider it the go-to venue for ever sports season and the upcoming 2018 NFL season will not be an exception of the established rule across the states. For the most part many states have been considering the opportunities which sports betting at bars and restaurants could provide to the overall field. It could be recalled that back in May a group in Ohio raised the question and stated that wagering on sports events should not be limited to casino venues solely, but instead implemented at restaurants, bars, and fraternal organizations.

Sports Wagering Could Make It Way in BWW

Projected revenue in this case would be higher for the states which opt for this move. Now the restaurant franchise is willing to explore the opportunities provided by states which have already greenlighted their sports betting regulations or are still considering their set of rules. There are more than 1,200 locations of the franchise in states to the liking of Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, Iowa, New York, and Kentucky, to name a few.

Many of the states where it operates, work on their sports betting fields or have already launched them, which is a golden opportunity for the restaurant to rake in a considerable gaming revenue along with its usual proceeds. Each of the states has its unique regulation which would require the company to comply with it, but what is certain for the time being is that Buffalo Wild Wings would have to team up with a sports betting operator.

For the time being no further information has been provided by the company. The sports bar features daily fantasy sports watch congregations which could guarantee the high popularity of sports wagering too. With this move the chain would be able to provide an all-encompassing entertainment experience for every sports fan willing to dine out and have a good time regardless of the sports events schedule.

It should be taken into account that the chain has experienced a significant plunge in its revenue generated on site over the past years. CEO Sally Smith stated that this is due to the millennials’ lack of desire to go out and preferences towards delivery and take out. Sports betting available throughout the venues might be a win-win situation in this case. Upcoming weeks are set to bring more development in this direction.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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