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Tiverton Casino Hotel Readies for Launch and Sports Betting Operation in September

Rhode Island is among the states currently witnessing quite the development which could easily be seen by Twin River Management Group’s plans regarding the operation of Tiverton Casino Hotel. It has been confirmed that a total of 558 employees have been hired for the new gambling venue and they are set to receive an extensive and detailed training over the weeks leading up to the official launch of the facility, scheduled for 1st September.

In order to attract employees to the structure of the casino resort, the operator hosted a total of five job fairs aiming to bring together the most suitable candidates to the staff. They were spread over the span of five months, the first one scheduled on 9th December. All of the organized career events took place at the construction office of the company which is located at 15 William S. Canning Blvd., very close to the town line with Fall River.

According to the previously announced arrangement, a portion of the candidates received the chance to commence work until they are fully trained for their positions. The training which each of them has to go through is set to commence this month in order to provide them with the time needed for knowledge acquisition. The last job fair sought staff for the bar area at the beginning of August. A total of 64 of the 558 would be local residents which was one of the selling points for the future development of the venue.

Boosting the employment market in the region is vital for every new venture, which in turn propels ahead the economy too. In addition to the local staff members, there would also be residents of other areas of the state, as well as Massachusetts and Connecticut states. There has also been data that employees are willing to relocate from Nevada and Washington states in order to work at the new casino venue.

Tiverton Casino Field Is in for a Treat

The facility itself would boast some 1,000 slot machines in addition to 32 table games. The hotel tower adjacent to the venue would have some 84 rooms available for booking by the guests of the integrated resort. It has also been confirmed that the currently operating Newport Grand Casino is going to witness its last day of operation on 28th August making space in the field for the operation of the new venue. Employees currently working there would be relocated to the soon-to-open casino venue.

The month of May brought the good news that Tiverton Casino Hotel would be fully ready for operation by the beginning of September which is a month earlier than previously announced October launch. The region is excited to see what there is on offer at the new venue and how it is going to shape the gaming field in the region. Situated in a manner that aims to bring more, this venue could introduce a considerable amount of revenue to the industry.

Over the span of some 45 acres, this venue is located close to the border with Massachusetts, potentially attracting players from the neighboring state as well. The venue itself would be open for business around the clock over the span of the first twelve months of operation, after which the management would decide whether or not to make this schedule permanent. Sports betting would be available on site of the new casino venue as well as the one located in Lincoln.

The deadline which has been appointed of the state to launch sports betting is October which is why actions are already taking place in order to make this happen. A total of $9.6 million of the state budget would be allocated for the development of sports betting in the state. What should be pointed out is that according to the current state of the proposed framework, a 51-percent tax would be mandatory for every sports wagering operator within the state.

 Author: Harrison Young

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