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Everett’s Encore Boston Harbor on Fire amid Construction Work, Braces for Job Fairs

The early hours of Sunday brought some damage to the still under construction Encore Boston Harbor which witnessed a fire breaking out on the fourth-floor roof. The reason for the unpredicted situation taking place were sparks coming from the welding work currently ongoing at the casino tower adjacent. Meanwhile, the site is being prepared for the anticipated HarborWalk project.

When it comes to construction work there are potentially dangerous situations galore. Unfortunately, this was the case this Sunday when the site of construction of the new Encore Boston Harbor witnessed a small fire breakout at around 9:30 a.m. The fourth-floor roof of the casino resort was where the situation occurred due to several sparks flying from the welders working nearby. It should be taken into account that workers on site took matters into their own hands and because of their fast reaction the fire was extinguished before the Everett Fire Department team arrived on the spot.

The said space spans over some 1,500 square feet and is located close to the casino tower of the new integrated resort. Work conditions have been going according to plan and all safety measures were taken during the time of the fire outbreak, further fueled by the winds. Greg John is the Executive Director of Brand Marketing, and he stated that for the time being exact estimations regarding the damage costs could not be made. Regardless of the amount, it would not have an impact on the official launch date of the casino resort which is set to take place in June 2019.

Meanwhile, construction on site continues as there is still a lot to be done prior to the opening date. The eagerly anticipated riverwalk park HarborWalk which is planned as part of the integrated resorts would span over some 6 acre and lace through the site of Encore Boston Harbor. A total of 1,000 trees ranging from spruce and maple to plum, cherry, and pear have been chosen to be planted in the park in order to make the location even more appealing on the banks of the Mystic River. Most of them are already mature and would make the entire area seem like it has been there all along.

Construction Work Moves On With HarborWalk Park

The total range of construction for the resort reaches 3 million square feet, giving developers enough space for the trees to be relocated in a convenient manner. Everyone interested in spending time at this divine location would have the chance to visit it, as it would be open for the general public, providing one more family-friendly offering available. There would also be artificial turf utilized for the purposes of the area, as it provides a more durable alternative to natural grass. It is often used in commercial sites and sports arenas and it has been previously utilized by Wynn Resorts.

The casino developer also confirmed that it has already reached many of its previously set goals for the construction work of the resort. It could be recalled that there was a $10 million mark set for the salaries paid to construction workers at Encore Boston Harbor. According to the official announcement, the said amount was divided among 170 workers currently on site, which is about 5 percent of the entire workforce of the project. Those are locals who have joined the structure of the casino developer, boosting the employment rates in Everett.

Very soon the location would see the beginning of job fairs which would aim to find permanent workers for the operation of the casino resort. The first one is set to take place on 8th August at the Connolly Center starting at 8 a.m. In addition to that, there would also be a special educational program set for future employees of the casino venue. It would strive to provide them with a full range of dealing knowledge which would then make them good at their job at the gaming floor.

Cambridge College in Charleston is the facility which would greenlight the dealer school on 4th September. Over the span of 16 weeks attendants would have 20 hours per week to acquire the skills needed, while the fee for attendance would amount to some $1,100. A total of 50 employees who succeed in meeting the expectations of the casino developer would have the chance to make a good use of one of the scholarships on offer.

 Author: Harrison Young

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