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The Star Sydney Championships Greenlights Main Event Flight 1 with 233 Players

Poker festivals could be defined as the place to be when it comes to live action and memorable moments, such as the ongoing The Star Sydney Championships which gave green light to Flight 1 of the Main Event this Friday. With a massive guaranteed prize pool of some $1,000,000 in chips, this culminating event is sure to bring more and more entries with every tarting flight to come.

Over the span of four days, players present at The Star would have the chance to experience the premium action of culminating Main Event which has quite on offer. Buy-in for the tournament amounts to some $3,000 which, in turn, guarantees much more to every participant skillful enough to make it to the top position on the official rank list. Once action commences each of them is in possession of a chip stack reaching 30,000 in chips, giving them the freedom to operate with them as they deem appropriate.

Within the structure of this event, there are two starting flights aiming to attract as many players as possible, as well as a second day of action which would sift them through leaving the best only. The Final Table would be set on Monday for the players surviving and that would be a battle to witness. Players are willing to show their true potential and many of them were eagerly anticipating the beginning of poker action, former Main Event champion Henry Tran included.

It could be recalled that last year around this time he managed to outplay a field of 496 participants and reached all the way to the throne of the Main Event. This brought him the first-place prize of $300,000 which he would aim to repeat once again this Monday. The first starting flight of this event saw some of the renown names of previous tournament making their way into the structure.

Culminating Event Action Commences Today

Among them were pros such as Corey Kempson, Michael Tran, Nurulan Boobekov, most recent winner Sosia Jiang, Jarred Graham. Matthew Wakeman and well-known Toothpick Tony were also present on the felt and prepared for the action to come. Jonathan Karamalikis who went far in some of the previous events of the rich schedule of the festival took his seat later than most of the participants but was quick to double up and propel action ahead.

Later on in the day, however, he was eliminated from the flight following a duel against Ashley Sharpe. The first starting flight managed to attract some 233 players registering up until the last possible moment. In the meantime, Wakeman who claimed the runner-up position at the end of the High Rollers Event yesterday, was determined to go far in this event too, doubling up a couple of hours into the flight.

Following the latest break players were more than ready for action to continue once again with only 104 of them remaining on the felt. More action is set to take place throughout the last levels of this first flight, the survivors of which would reunite once again on Day 2 of the Main Event.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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