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MGM Springfield Hosts Special Reward Program, Charitable Events Prior to Launch

With only a couple of weeks remaining until the official launch of MGM Springfield on 24th August, the casino developer and operator has officially commenced placing the final touches to the premium casino resort which is rising in Massachusetts. Now it has been confirmed that MGM Resorts is readying for the official launch and it is going to grant its loyal customers with the special preferences of its special M life program.

Everyone in Springfield is eagerly anticipating the official date appointed for the launch of the new $960 million casino resort which would bring a breath of fresh air to the region later this month. Over the span of the past years, construction has been in progress on site and more and more details have been revealed in the process. Now that only several days remain until the opening date, the casino developer announced that guests of the hotel and casino patrons have the chance to register for the special M life Rewards Loyalty Program which aims to elevate their overall experience on a whole new level.

Boosted by the membership in the said club, players and guests of any resort managed by MGM Resorts have the chance to utilize special room rates, offers and events available for cardholders only. Special discounts are also available for anyone interested in acquiring such a card and becoming a premium member of the MGM Resorts family. Customers who are already in possession of reward cards for discounts and special offers issued by rival casino developers would have the chance to join M life in a hassle-free manner and with the corresponding preferences they already have.

Next weekend is set to witness the congregation cocktail giving customers the chance to learn more about the program and its features, as well as to sign up for it. MassMutual Center in Springfield is going to welcome enthusiasts above the age of 21 willing to enter the program. This is beneficial for the casino developer as well since with the help of the said cards MGM Resorts has the chance to generate vital information regarding the spending habits of customers, as well as additional data related to the player pool.

Springfield Set to Witness Full Event Schedule

In addition to the benefits for customers, there would also be a donation amounting to a total of $50,000 to two organizations. The first one is the National Head Start Association which focuses its efforts on providing kids up until the age of five with support in a situation of homelessness and below poverty family income. Square One would be the second non-profit organization benefiting from the donation striving to improve community development opportunities for adults with disabilities such as autism, as well as care programs.

The local organizations are set to receive the said amount of donation generated from the net gambling profit amassed over the span of two chosen dates this month. They would feature special guests of the casino venue closely linked to its operation, as well as known names in the sector who would gamble live and boost the overall amount of money.

The two set dates would be prior to the launch one, on 16th and 20th August, providing the management with the chance to put the new gaming equipment to a real-life test and possibly detect any issues it might have. As much as $25,000 of the net profits would go to each of the charities, whereas any additional cash generated would be allocated to other organizations later chosen by the management.

In other news, the casino resorts recently announced its intention to provide local residents and guests with a never ending flow of entertainment thanks to the open-air plaza on site. Among the various offerings available there would be concerts, outdoor fairs, Christmas markets, as well as an ice skating rink for the winter months. For all ale enthusiasts, there would be exciting beer tastings provided in collaboration with local White Lion Brewery specializing in craft beer.

More riveting announcements are set to take place in the weeks leading to the appointed opening date of the casino resort which has been eagerly anticipated by many

 Author: Harrison Young

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