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eSports Betting Platform Luckbox Grabs Premium Isle of Man Online Gaming Permit

In the world of eSports tournaments betting on them could be defined as the thing which attracts even more people willing to give their luck a try and this could happen in a secure way by utilizing the opportunities provided by the Bitcoin-backed betting platform Luckbox. The company just announced that is has obtained its very own Isle of Man Online Gambling Regulation Act licensing for operation essentially making it the first eSports betting operator to be in possession of such.

This is quite the recognition for the brand as it means that a leading regulator such as the Gaming Supervision Commission, overseeing the field has witnessed the true potential of Luckbox and had chosen to acknowledge it. By receiving this type of licensing the operator has proven that it is able to meet the high expectations of the authorities and could provide a supreme level of protection to players utilizing it. Having a well-rounded set of rules seeing their rights covered in all situations of conflict is what makes Luckbox stand out from the crowd.

Big renown names in the industry to the liking of PokerStars, FullTilt, and 188Bet also have similar licensing which comes to prove their level of professionalism. This news comes as no surprise as the startup company made May a memorable month by appointing former PokerStars Associate Director of Poker Engagement, David Lyons, for the position of Director of Player Engagement. He joined the structure of the company with his extensive knowledge generated through years of operation in the field. However, ready to welcome him there were PokerStars co-founders Lars Lien and Mike Stevens, COO Quentin Martin, and CMO Vadim Soloveychik.

In this day and age among the most important topics of discussion is player protection and keeping operation of the companies as transparent as possible. The company is willing to put the effort into achieving this goal and making the field a much safer and more pleasant space for eSports betting. In order to deserve the attention of players interested in the multi-billion-dollar field, the eSports betting company is willing to reach one step further than its rivals. It accepts crypto, fiat currencies, and skins which are purchased in the realm of a given game.

eSports Betting Field Set to Become Safer for Players

Following the betting experience and quality of operation provided by traditional betting companies, Luckbox aims to make eSports betting equal to traditional sports betting practice. What is added to the professional level of operation is the in-debt knowledge of eSports and competitive video gaming, as well as the fact that the brand understands players’ needs and how they could be met in the long run. This licensing is now going to ensure that the operator could conduct its business on a global scale further increasing its credibility levels.

Skins betting and virtual currencies are only some of the attractive features it provides, and they enjoy quite the attention around the globe. Initial Coin Offering is also another move which has been utilized by the developing team behind the Luckbox idea, successfully generating 483.5 Bitcoin with the help of people interested in the project. Now the official launch of the platform is destined to happen in the upcoming months aiming to completely change the way this industry works.

Competitive video gaming is one of the widely debated and emerging topic in the public space as more and more people are interested in the latest happenings around their favorite teams. Betting on the outcome of a given battle makes matters even more exciting for following and makes gambling enthusiasts invested in the action taking place.

According to estimations regarding the interest towards eSports, there are about 27 million users which enter the League of Legends world every single day. This is a golden opportunity for advertisers to promote their products in a subtle and not-that-subtle way to an enormous number of people located around the world.

Luckbox has yet to show its full potential in action and its development would be a sight to see once it commences. In addition to that, Isle of Man has a reputation of a forwards thinking jurisdiction which has always been supporting innovative ideas and the eGaming in particular. The conditions for operation for companies licensed there are competitive, such as the betting duty of 1.5 and 0.1 percent on the gross profit, add up to the benefits.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.