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Matthew Howearth Ascends to Top at The Stars Sydney Championships Omaha Event

Sydney is one of the hottest locations at the moment and there is a lot to be said about the currently ongoing The Stars Sydney Championships which has its 10th annual edition this year. The seventh event in the rich schedule of this festival is the two-day Omaha featuring a buy-in of some A$1,650 which witnessed the big winner Matthew Howearth claim the throne coveted by hundreds as well as A$41,283.

This Monday witnessed the official start of this two-day event which gives players enough time to develop their true potential on the felt and enjoy the poker action to the fullest. The fact that there are two days also means that all participants surviving the first day of action are set to return on the felt with fresh perspective and well-rested. Some of the most prominent players made their way to the poker tournament featuring a considerable buy-in. This in turn was set to bring a generous prize pool for the top positions on the leader board.

Each of the participants registering received a starting stack of 20,000 in chips, which is more than the usual amount. Levels of poker action were also different than usual as they lasted for some 30 minutes each providing them with enough time to consider their next move on the felt. Among the players who had their names listed on the final table were prominent players to the likings of Ryan Bounds, Toothpick Tony, and Corey Kempson, who have already had their successful run in previous poker tournaments of the festival.

The Omaha style of poker action is preferred by players as it provides them with an alternative to the widely popular No-Limit Hold’em and a breath of fresh air. The final table was set for the nine best players who made it this far in the event. Matthew Howearth was ready to go far and this could be confirmed by his previous performance within this poker festival.

He has two cashes up to this point, the first one at the fifth event Monster Stack, where he bagged A$2,194, and the second one from the sixth 6-Max one where he claimed some A$1,652 for his deep run.

Omaha Event Delivers Generous Payouts

In this seventh event he eliminated Toby Marsh and placed him on the fifth position granting him some A$9,570, whereas Howearth increased his chip stack to 600,000. Mark Fester was among the players who made it this far and with his total live earnings of $40,308 he deserved it. Early in the poker action he managed to double up which boosted his performance onward in through the day. He set the tone for action and even helped with the elimination of another considerable rival Antonis “Toothpick” Kambouroglou.

Following a duel between Kempson and Toothpick, the latter was eliminated regardless of his extensive skills in the poker world. This left him with the fourth position on the official ranking and some $13,008. Shortly after that, with only three people remaining on the felt, action on the felt picked up the pace. Kempson made his name stand out during the A$5k Challenge event when he claimed the chip leading position during the second day of action.

He then reached the fourth position on the official ranking which granted him some A$64,000. During this poker tournament he reached the third place following a battle against Howearth which brought the former the coveted prize of A$17,858.

Poker action reached the heads-up duel between Fester and Howearth, both determined to claim the throne. Following several hands of action Fester claimed the consolation prize coming with the runner-up position, amounting to some A$25,512.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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