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Galaxy Entertainment Pays Forward IR Knowledge by Mentoring Japanese Students

Casino giant Galaxy Entertainment is willing to introduce a premium level of customer experience for the Japanese gambling field and this could easily happen with the help of its latest plan for the so-called GEG Japan-Macau Integrated Resort Management Mentorship Pilot Scheme. The program is set to provide students with the chance to enhance their gambling knowledge and receive the needed education when it comes to the operation of an integrated resort in order to be fully prepared for IR launch in the upcoming years.

The Macau-listed casino developer made it clear this Monday that it is going to work on the improvement of the status quo in Japan when it comes to gambling knowledge. The easiest way for this to happen would be for the casino developer to introduce university students to the extensive knowledge during the program. Teaming up with Toyo University in Tokyo, Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation, and with the additional support of the University of Macau, this program is set to provide university students with the needed information which could be later implemented in their work.

It should be taken into account that the non-profit organization would be of significant support for the project which has the potential to elevate the future gambling field o the country. The first group which would experience the program currently studies at the Faculty of International Tourism Studies at the said university. According to the schedule, they would spend as many as four weeks of education this August. International Integrated Resort Management Programme at the University of Macau would offer members which would become their tutors in this exciting new project, giving them the knowledge needed.

The overall scheme of education would include lectures, conducted by the said members, as well as special mentoring meetings which would be managed by people on executive positions in the structure of Galaxy Entertainment. They are set to share their experience when it comes to the management and the overall operation of a given casino resort. The topics included would range from Corporate Social Responsibility, Hotel and Hospitality, and Food and Beverage to Brand Communications and Marketing, Digital Marketing and Media Relations, and Human Resources.

Japan’s Future Gambling Field Strives to Be Prepared

Striving to provide an all-encompassing educational scheme, the casino operator is willing to pay forward its knowledge generated through years and years of development. However, as many people should be able to have an easy access to such education, which is why the upcoming years are set to witness more groups participating in the mentorship program.

This would bring them up to speed with casino resorts so that they could be adequate in real-life situations typically taking place at a casino venue. What should be taken into account, is that this program is unique in its own way, even though there is currently existing education for casino managers at the Japan Casino Academy and the Japan Casino School. Galaxy Entertainment is willing to go one step further than just any gambling facility and introduce a well-rounded integrated resort management program.

Japan is well on its way to provide its player and international casino patrons and tourists with the chance to gamble at the very first casino resort built in the island country. recently greenlighted its gambling field with the help of the Integrated Resort Implementation Bill. Future operation in the region might result in Chinese players making their way to the north and exploring the new possibilities in either Tokyo or Osaka, which have been proposed as potential sites for integrated resort construction.

For the time being, estimations project the official opening of an IR to be in 2025 at the earliest. The year 2020 could be set to bring the first casino licensing, judging by the current pace of development, according to Robert Goldstein, President and Chief Operating Officer of Las Vegas Sands Corp.

 Author: Harrison Young

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