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Mississippi’s Tunica County Could Pioneer Legal Sports Betting in Two Weeks

The state of Mississippi is well on its way to witness the official launch of sports betting throughout its casino venues and as it has been confirmed recently the first location which could provide players with such is Tunica County. Across the area there are some ten casino venues in operation and they are currently working towards offering sports wagering as soon as possible.

It could be recalled that the topic of sports betting has been one of the largely discussed ones in the past several months for Mississippi since there appears to have been a hiccup in the launch process. About a month ago the Mississippi Gaming Commission made clear its decision to give green light to sports wagering, the state has been working towards its launch. As it turned out, however, more time is needed for the gaming activity to come into existence in local casino venues and the 30-day period previously established would be extended.

The situation very much resembles a waiting game in which every casino developer is preparing its own sports book, but avoids to disclose any further details about it. Now it has been confirmed that Tunica County might become the first area of the state to have sports gambling on offer. Tunica Roadhouse Casino and Hotel and the adjacent Horseshoe Casino are two of the locations which could witness launch in the next couple of weeks.

It has been confirmed that the casino developer and operator Caesars Entertainment, which is overseeing their operation is currently working on their sports book gaming. Those are the only two gambling venues in the region overseen by Caesars, which is among the leading casino operators on a global scale.

This would mean that work on their sports books is expected to happen in a hassle-free manner and through the implementation of its previous experience. The casino developer has operation in states with regulated sports wagering, meaning that preparation is fact.

Sports Betting Projected to Bring More in August

Horseshoe Casino has been previously subjected to improvements worth some $10 million which have been maintaining the facility in superb condition. Larry Gregory, Executive Director of the Jackson-based Mississippi Gaming & Hospitality Association, stated that sports wagering might be just what the doctor ordered for the region, as it has the potential to boost the economy and introduce new players to it.

As of now, there is going to be two special sports book venues operating until the permanent ones are finished. One of them is going to be situated close to the Horseshoe Poker Room, enjoying quite the interest at all times. They would aim to attract players just in time for the new NFL season which is set to commence on 6th September. Several days earlier, on 1st September the NCAA football season is also set to commence, which would bring even more excitement to gaming patrons willing to play.

Even though sports betting on a state level was not ready with its regulation in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, it is still not too late for casino venues to make the best of the situation and utilize the upcoming season. The region is already preparing for the launch of sports betting with the help of new flights being regularly scheduled at the airport. This aims to make it easier for players to make their way all the way to the County and not worry about the hassle associated with transportation arrangements.

When it comes to other casino operators, it could be recalled that several weeks ago MGM Resorts stated that it could be able to launch sports wagering by 21st July. However, shortly after that, the announcement was deleted upon a further estimation of the pace with which development is progressing.

If the latest projections regarding this activity turn out being realistic, this would mean that Mississippi would become the third state to provide sports betting in a legal manner outside Nevada. The taxes applicable to the sector would amount to some 12 percent on the bets placed. Some 8 percent is going to be allocated to the state, whereas 4 percent will go for local tax.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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