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Two More Casino Operators Whip Out Tentative Deals for 650 Las Vegas Workers

Las Vegas recently witnessed the arrangement of one of the latest tentative agreements in the gaming field which would secure the working positions of employees working at Four Queens Hotel and Casino as well as Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel. This brings the unionized workers’ saga one step further to its completion and ensures that they would have their working contracts renewed for five more years under their negotiated terms and conditions.

People employed by the two casino developers overseeing major locations in Las Vegas amount to some 650 workers who would have their contracts for employment renewed. For the time being, no additional information regarding the terms of these contracts have been revealed and they would probably remain unknown until the arrangements are ratified into ultimate deals. However, up until this point, the new contracts being inked usually revolve around crucial features, such as an increase in the workers’ wages taking place every single year until the desired amount is reached.

Further protection is provided for the employees in the event of a casino resort changing its owner, arranging their rights in the situation. The introduction of panic buttons is also among the most requested new features, as the topic of protection at the work space has been widely discussed in the past months. Regardless of the particular conditions, workers are now content with the development of events and they are one step closer to the accomplishment of their coveted goal to have the following years secured when it comes to employment.

Once the two deals are being inked, they would come into effect in a retrospect manner, in order to cover the weeks of working without a contract since 1st June, when the employees had their contracts expiring. There are still casino developers which have not reached tentative deals with their employees, to the liking of Downtown Grand, El Cortez, Fremont, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, Main Street Station, and The D. Negotiations are in progress at the moment and they would affect as many as 3,400 other workers employed at the said casino resorts.

Four Queens and Binion’s Workers One Step Closer to Deals

As a result of the slow pace of development, workers continue with their regular picketing outside major casino resorts in Las Vegas. Margaritaville Casino Restaurant, The D Casino Hotel, as well as Golden Gate Casino Hotel are the top spots for gatherings at the moment, which includes people with signs and the occasional chanting. This is all being done in order to make sure that the authorities take these workers and their preparedness for a strike seriously, even though a citywide strike including the entire 50,000 unionized workers never took place.

This booming location is well-known for its wide variety of entertainment offerings and a never-ending flow of quality time but at the end of the day it all comes with the help of people working at the renown gaming resorts located in Las Vegas. The last days of May, however, brought some turmoil in relation to their future employment, since they were set to witness their contracts expiring.

As many as 50,000 casino resort employees hired by some of the largest operators in the field made it clear that they are ready to go out on a citywide strike and cease work if their contracts are not renewed for five more years. This was a concerning prospective undesired by any of the major casino operators developing their business in the region.

Nobody wanted to witness the crippling potential of a strike which had the potential to bring serious harm to some of the major casino operators to the liking of MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment. They were concerned by the consequences of such strike as according to the estimation they were set to lose as much as $10 million for every single day of the protest.

Now this is all in the past and workers inch towards their ultimate goal. The following weeks are set to bring more news regarding their ultimate deals, as well as those set to be signed for employees of Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Hotel Resort and Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower.

 Author: Harrison Young

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