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Trent Clarke Marks Second Career Cash at The Star Sydney Championships Turbo Event

Right now Sydney is the place to be when it comes to poker festivals and spectacular awards granted at them since The Star Sydney Championships is currently in progress. Players are already progressing ahead in the rich schedule and the third one which goes by the name of Turbo Event recently came to its end. Trent Clarke is the skillful player who made it all the way to the top claiming some A$23,115 for his deep run in the tournament.

Every poker festival has emblematic events which are there in order to attract even more enthusiasts to the overall player pool. Such was the case with the Turbo event which is well-known for its fast pace of action on the felt and 20-minute levels throughout the tournament. Every participant willing to enter the field had to pay a buy-in amounting to some A$440 in order to be granted the permission to compete against the rest of the skillful players.

This buy-in guaranteed each of them a chip stack amounting to some 6,000 giving them the opportunity to operate with them as they deem appropriate. A total of 231 participants entered the race towards the big cashes on offer at the Star Poker Room, guaranteeing for some riveting time. Poker tournaments such as this one give relatively unknown poker players the chance to make a hit and have their name listed in some of the latest rankings. Such was the case with the champion of this event who had his second career cash winning this Monday.

Clarke made it all the way to the top in this single-day event by outplaying the rest of the participants and this granted him with the first place prize amounting to some A$23,115 accompanied by one of the coveted Sydney Championships Trophy. For a second career cash, this could be defined as a very prominent one, which is sure to give him the confidence to continue with the live poker tournaments in the future. His first cash prize came this April when he entered the 2018 Deep Stack Series Main Event.

Heated Poker Action Brings Players to Payouts

The culminating event featured a buy-in amounting to some A$1,200 which ultimately secured him the 31st place and some A$2,400 for his deep run in the event. As for this Monday’s cash prizes, Clarke commenced the race towards them with a relatively short stack which remained in that state for the most part of the day.

This defined his overall attitude throughout the game as a more dynamic and he was pushing himself to be more aggressive when it comes to decision making. Turbo events were a preferred poker game for Jarrod Thatcher, a local player who has total live earnings amounting to some $185,434. He is well-known for his affinity for this game type and his presence came as no surprise. However, he could not make it further than the fourth position which brought him some A$7,684 for his deep run in the tournament.

He was eliminated by Mele Poulivaati, who made it to the fifth place earlier that day at the Ladies Event. In this Turbo tournament, she reached the runner-up position completing a killer streak when it comes to winnings. The consolation prize she received for her deep run in the structure of this battle also brought her a total of A$14,277 and the accomplishment of reaching two final tables in one day.

She also managed to eliminate another player on the Final Table and that was Ehsan Amiri who then received the third position on the official leader board and some A$10,391. This is how the poker festival has now reached one of the most anticipated events, namely the A$5K Challenge which would feature a guaranteed prize pool of some A$500,000 for only A$5,000 buy-in. This Wednesday is set to witness the first day of action, closely followed by CasinoGamesPro’s team.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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