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Meadowlands Racetrack Sees Roaring Success over Two Sports Betting Weekends

New Jersey has no shortage of gaming offerings at the moment, especially once sports betting was legalized and many casino operators in the region were already prepared to make a move. The first nine days of operation for one Meadowlands Racetrack were more than successful as the location managed to rake in some $3.5 million in wagers over the said period of time.

Only a week was needed for the final touches to be placed and launch to happen just in time for the official start of Meadowlands Pace. The management was aiming to provide a kickstart for the sports wagering operation which was why it chose the weekend of the famous race. This is usually the sought boost for every new operation and as it turns out it proved to be successful for Meadowlands.

According to the previous estimations of the racetrack, the goal was for sports bets to surpass the $1-million mark in order for the period to be considered a successful one. This 9-day time window included two weekends, which are usually a time of intense sports betting for every gaming location providing such. Even though the FIFA World Cup came to an end right after the official launch and there is not that much to wager on, players still took advantage of the opportunity and made a good use of the brand new sports book.

Jeff Gural is the Operator of the racetrack and he stated that all in all the performance for the first nine days of operation seemed strong and could be qualified as a good one. It should be taken into account that the location is not working with its full potential at the moment since there are only as many as 10 live teller windows in operation. This means that in the future with 2018 NFL season approaching and increasing popularity of the racetrack, even higher revenue could be projected.

Betting continues to gain traction and more and more players make their way towards the well-known racetrack. When it comes to sports wagering and people interested in it, the very news of a new facility providing such is exciting for the general public, as it means that patrons could have a new spot to put their skills to the test.

Sports Wagering Accelerates on a State Level

The announcement that Meadowlands would provide its players with a fully-operating sports book came only recently, but the gaming developer was already preparing for the official launch. This widely-renown harness race takes place once a year and involves three-year-old pacers and it is known as the richest pacing race across the states.

Ever since its inaugural edition which was held in 1977, the race has been a roaring success and people anticipate it every single year. In the meantime, it could be recalled that the first weeks of June witnessed the official launch of sports wagering at another New Jersey race course, this time Monmouth Park Racetrack. The first two days of operation which fell on a weekend drew some 34,201 players to the field.

When it comes to the bets placed over the first three days of operation, some $1,604,133 were bet on races whereas the overall amount of wagers placed reached $4,886,393. As for the first two weeks of operation, sports betting on a state level brought a total of $16.4 million.

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa managed to generate some $986,831 up until 28th June, whereas Ocean Resort Casino witnessed a total of $192,671 in sports bets. The Major Basketball League enjoyed the highest rate of popularity among bettors amassing some $10.1 million.

These rates of success would set the tone for future sports betting operation as well, but there is no other way in the state which has always been one of the avid supporters of legal wagering on sports events. According to a report recently issued by GamblingCompliance, New Jersey is set to become one of the leading sports gambling fields by the year 2023, preceded only by New York. When it comes to sports betting performance and popularity, they are going to surpass Nevada, which is the current leader.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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