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Monsterstack Madness Main Event Brings Sweet Payday to King’s Casino Players

The World Series of Poker might be coming to an end but this does not mean that poker enthusiasts would not have anything else to enjoy over the span of the following weeks as one of the leading locations for poker tournaments in Europe, King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic is currently hosting the Monsterstack Madness Main Event which already granted one lucky winner who goes by the name of Marco Daniel Uhl from Switzerland with the first-place prize of €12,759 after the deal.

As it is known, the Main Event is considered the culmination of every poker festival and players are more than willing to make their way into its structure through one of it starting flights. King’s Casino located in Rozvadov is the casino venue which enjoys a constant flow of poker festivals ready to provide their participants with coveted trophies and generous prizes at all times. It is located in the heart of Europe giving participants from around the globe the chance to make their way all the way to the top and claim one of the generous cash payouts.

The culminating event itself featured a buy-in amounting to some €165, making it an affordable gaming option even in comparison to the guaranteed prize pool. The latter was initially announced to reach €100,000 which was among the main incentives for many participants to make their way to the Main Event. Monsterstack Madness poker festival is was set to commence last Thursday and to continue over the span of the next four days.

Poker action commenced on 12th July with the first starting flight for this tournament which gave a total of 96 players the chance to enter the race. Among them, only 24 were eliminated sooner than expected so they made a good use of their re-entry option and eventually found their way back in the event. Each of the participants commenced the race towards the top positions on the official leader board with a total of 100,000 in chips.

There were four starting flights to this Main Event which resulted in an overall entry count of some 621 players, each and every one of them willing to prove that they are worthy of the throne. Day 1a witnessed German poker player with the nickname Hawaii26 make it all the way to the top with a chip stack of 773,000 which reserved him a spot on the official Day 2. All remaining 32 players were reserved a spot there and progressed ahead.

Exciting Cash Payouts Await Players

The second starting flight attracted a total of 102 new players to the field, whereas 25 of them had to opt for the re-entry options provided by the organizers of the culminating event. Jan Fikota was the player from the Czech Republic who managed to make it all the way to the top of the unofficial leader board at the end of the levels of poker action, bagging some 984,000 in chips.

This is what made him the overall chip leader of the four starting flights, as it later turned out. More people were added to the overall player pool over the span of the third starting flight which welcomed a total of 180 players willing to go all in. Among them, the name of Claudia Schmälzle stood out as she was the participant with the largest portion of the chips on the felt. The German poker player succeeded in generating some 702,000 in chips which promised her deep run in the structure of the Main Event.

A total of 129 of the players who made it in this starting flight had the good fortune to make it to the other side and continue ahead. As for the fourth and last starting flight, it witnessed another proficient player, this time local player Antonin Kryl who has a total of $11,110 in live earning, climb all the way to the top. He managed to bag some 816,000 in chips, reserving him the runner-up position on Day 2.

From the chip leaders of the starting flights, only Jan Fikota managed to make it all the way to the cash prizes as he was eliminated on the 22nd position which brought him a cash prize of €775. The overall prize pool paid reached some €109,155 and there was a deal arranged among the top 7 positions on the leader board. The third position on the official leader board was claimed by German poker player with the nickname Pozycja69 who bagged €10,088 for his deep run in the tournament.

As for the heads-up duel, which is usually the most exciting part of the Main Event, it took place between German player Torsten Rink and the eventual winner Uhl. Rink could not outplay his rival and had to settle for the consolation prize of €10,273 after the deal.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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