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Hard Rock International Teams Up with Indian Tribe for Yuba County Casino

Native American tribes are constantly looking for ways in which they can develop their operation and one of the business approaches they are well-known for across the states is the management of tribal casino venues. Estom Yumeka Maidu Tribe of the Enterprise Rancheria of California is one of the ambitious tribes willing to explore the new possibility of developing a tribal casino venue with the help of leading operator in the field Hard Rock International.

Tribal gaming in the state of California is a widely-spread sector witnessing the attention of both player and potential future tribal developers. Indian tribes have found out that this is one of the numerous possibilities to improve their state and guarantee their prosperity, so they are utilizing it in the best way possible. In the region of Northern California, there are many tribal casinos which have been operating over a considerable number of years reaping the benefits of it in the long run.

However, this Indian tribe is not striving to bring just any tribal casino venue to the field, but instead, introduce players with a different and memorable experience. The tribe has decided to collaborate with a major casino operator on a global scale such as Hard Rock and to implement the thorough experience of the renown brand with the authentic style of gambling sprinkled through its facility.

With the help of the leading brand, Estom Yumeka Maidu Tribe of the Enterprise Rancheria is willing to step up its game and introduce a new gaming experience to the tribal casino sector. This week brought the news that the Indian tribe is going to partner with Hard Rock in order to bring to life its first tribal casino venue and attract casino patrons from near and far.

Long-Anticipated Tribal Casino Sees Groundbreaking

Construction work on the new project has already commenced since the goal for the new property is to launch operation sometime at the beginning of 2019. With enough time ahead, the joint effort to bring this new gaming location is destined to witness a success and become one of the preferred gaming destinations. It would go by the name of Hard Rock Fire Mountain making it distinguishable and aiming to make it stand out from the crowd.

A 40-acre lot is going to welcome the new tribal casino project to the north of Sacramento, as both parties involved in the development are willing to make it an easily-accessible venue. The proximity of Wheatland’s Toyota Amphitheater is also a potential boost for the future gaming facility, as it could attract more enthusiasts to the area. Some 140,000 square feet of the area will be dedicated to the construction of the new tribal casino willing to bring more to the region between highways 70 and 65.

According to the information issued around the official announcement, the tribal casino venue would feature bingo, gaming devices, as well as non-banking card games to the liking of baccarat, blackjack, and craps. The Class III gaming site is going to be constructed on the trust land lot, which is good news for the supporters of the project which has witnessed quite the obstacles on its way up to this point.

Ever since the announcement of the plans back in 2002 the tribe has been leading battles in court striving to bring the new facility to life and accomplish its goals. With the help of a fee-to-trust application submitted back then to the Secretary of the Interior. Even though the land was purchased and there were outlooks construction work is soon to commence, many years have passed in a legal limbo with the authorities, since the land is considered off-reservation.

With its acceptance in trust, this year is finally going to witness the official beginning of construction work on site. According to the estimations for the future operation of the tribal casino, it would bring a considerable number of new permanent and temporary job positions available to the general public which is always a beneficial feature of any new venue opening.

It could be recalled that last month witnessed the announcement that the tribal casino operator is issuing $440 million in collateral-backed bonds in order to provide the needed funding for its new project and make sure everything goes as planned. The generated amount is later going to be utilized for transaction fees occurring, expenses related to the construction work, as well as cage cash, once the venue launches.

 Author: Harrison Young

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