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Guoliang Wei Bags First WSOP Bracelet at $1,111 The Little One for One Drop NLHE

Every poker tournament in progress is destined to come to an end and witness its final table taking place. Such was the case with the 68th poker tournament featured at this year’s edition of the World Series of Poker which brought together players willing to go far for a special cause. The big winner among them was no other than Guoliang Wei who claimed the first-place prize amounting to some $559,332 accompanied with one of the coveted WSOP gold bracelets for his deep run in the tournament.

Over the span of the past several weeks this poker festival has been providing players with the chance to go far and make it all the way to the top of the official leader boards, writing their names in history. Such was the case with this poker tournament which is one of the last ones for this year within the frame of WSOP. Event #68: $1,111 The Little One for One Drop No-Limit Hold’em is the tournament currently attracting the attention of poker players from near and far.

They were all willing to support the idea behind it which is a popular one among WSOP players. The charitable initiative binding the tournament dedicated its efforts and generated buy-ins to the international organization which focuses on water initiatives around the globe in hopes of achieving a better future. Once all three starting flights of this event were over, the total number of players willing to make it into the tournament had reached some 4,732.

This figure is the main reason why the event defined as one of the rather popular ones featured in the rich schedule of this year’s WSOP. As a result of their joint efforts, they were able to increase the overall prize pool to some $4,258,800, which is going to be divided among the top 710 players on the official leader board of the poker tournament. The minimum amount of cash payout which could be claimed reaches $1,500 and some of the players had to settle for the minimum amount of prize.

Fourth Chinese Player Claims WSOP Bracelet

Wei is a popular name on the poker scene of China where he is a regular participant at poker events. Up to this point he has frequented local festivals to the liking of Boyaa Poker Tour, Asia Championship of Poker, PokerStars Championship Macau, and many more, each and every one of them providing him with experience, but up to this point he has not bagged any considerably large prizes in the US.

The cash reward given at the end of this WSOP event was his largest one up to this point, effectively making him a millionaire with $1,221,674 which changed the perspective of his game. At beginning of the final day, Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino witnessed some 14 players returning to their seats which meant that all of them are set to make it out with a generous payout from this tournament.

Following a couple of levels, they were quickly reduced to 9, as the first player to exit action was Justin Liberto. He was the chip leader at the beginning of Day 3 but unfortunately could not bag more than $29,490 for his efforts in the event. Erwann Pecheux climbed to the 8th spot on the final table, bringing him $62,299, and what should be taken into account is that he had the runner-up position at the beginning of the day.

As for the chip leader at the beginning of the day, Christopher Staats, he made it to the third spot on the official leader board of the event, bagging a total of $254,580 for his efforts throughout the tournament. After the end of the heads-up duel, Francois Tosques could not outplay the winner and had to settle for the second place coming with $345,415.

As for the winner himself, he stated that winning a WSOP gold bracelet in Las Vegas has been one of his fondest wishes ever since the beginning of his live poker career back in 2013 at the Macau Poker Cup.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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