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MGM Springfield Readies for Memorable Launch Ceremony Transforming City

The state of Massachusetts is actively working towards elevating its gambling field on the next level with the introduction of new and tempting casino offerings. One of the latest projects which are set to witness its launch date next month is MGM Springfield, which aims to become one of the hotspots in the area. The festivities set to take place could easily be defined as memorable, which is why the community is already looking forward to it.

Ever since the casino operator made clear its intention to construct a casino resort in the downtown-South End area, people in the region have been interested as to what the new location is going to have on offer and how it could potentially attract their attention in the long run. The project amounts to some $960 million, striving to provide its patrons and guests with a premium level of gambling experience.

The international casino developer is willing to go above and beyond to introduce a new premium level of casino experience to the local field, making a statement. Opening date for the new location is going to be 24th August which leaves the casino developer and operator with a little more than a month to put the finishing touches to its project. This launch ceremony is going to stand out from other opening events which is the main objective of MGM Resorts.

Starting bright and early at 10:30 a.m. there is going to be a special parade marking the first day of operation. The very beginning of celebrations is going to be held at State and Main Streets in Springfield where a ceremony would take place. Everyone interested is going to have the chance to witness the procession featuring beloved Budweiser Clydesdales bringing an element of excitement to the whole ceremony.

MGM Resorts Facilitates Life in Downtown Area

Many surprises, including riveting entertainment acts, would also be featured in the launch ceremony which is going to parade all the way to the entrance of the new property. On the days leading to 24th August, the casino operator is also planning to introduce several invitation-only premium events which would also celebrate the upcoming launch.

Up to this point, it is known that the parking space available on site is going to be completely free for guests of the casino resort in addition to the general public, news welcomed with excitement. This is going to provide some 3,400 parking spots fanning over seven floors of the parking garage which is considerably going to alleviate the parking situation in the currently busy area of the casino location.

The fact that it is also free is an added bonus to the whole experience that residents are sure to appreciate. Along some of the recent announcement revolving around the gambling venue currently preparing for the launch, it was also stated that one of the emblematic figures in the industry, Sal “The Hitman” Placente who has a total of 40 years of experience to his name, was training the staff of the new venue.

Placente is a consultant which is able to share his thoughts and observation generated over the span of his professional career. He started his casino career as a blackjack dealer in Atlantic City which was later followed by game protection specialist, a position designed specifically for him and the work he was doing.

He succeeded in demonstrating some of the basic ways in which cheaters are able to get their way. During the training organized by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, he was able to make a clear distinction between the different types of cheaters, as well as what their strategies for tricking the house are. With his help, the staff should be able to provide better protection to the new gambling location.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.