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Mississippi’s Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel Braces for Construction Work

The casino field in Mississippi has witnessed considerable improvement in its operation over the span of the past several months which in turn is expected to result in better customer experience in the long run. Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel located in Biloxi is working on its expansion project which is striving to introduce new offerings to the site and make it a more desirable place for entertainment.

Every casino resort willing to put some effort in its overall image and be appealing to casino patrons from near and far should be prepared for the time when renovation work is due to happen. In order to freshen up its image the management which oversees operation at Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel is prepared to introduce its plans for the expansion of the location. This Wednesday is set to witness the official presentation dedicated to the renovation plans which could take place on site.

Biloxi’s Development Review Committee is going to thoroughly review the proposed project for expansion work and decide whether or not there should be any changes introduced to it. The proposal was originally introduced last week before the authority and consideration has been in progress ever since. According to the information issued regarding the proposed changes, the expansion is set to include work on the parking, in order to make it bigger so that more guests of the hotel have the chance to find parking spots.

It is going to be a surface one spanning over a 4-acre lot which was recently purchased by the casino developer. The deal regarding that purchase is set to see its finalization this week right before construction work commences. Located to the west of the casino resort, the casino operator and developer claims that it is going to provide optimal parking conditions to everyone looking for such. In addition to the open-air parking space, there is also going to be a parking garage which aims to protect the vehicles from unfavorable weather conditions.

Three Phases of Expansion Await Casino Resort

This second parking option available on offer is going to be located on the east side of the casino resort, at a location which is currently utilized as a surface parking space. So much effort is being put into the parking situation on site because there have been recommendations from guests of the hotel and patrons of the casino to introduce more parking offerings to the area.

Susan Varnes, Treasure Bay President stated that these changes have been long overdue and guests will finally enjoy them. Construction work is set to be finalized by the end of the year. These improvements are all part of the non-gaming phase of the expansion project which will be closely followed by a gaming one, also referred to as the third phase of the expansion. It is going to feature the introduction of some 10,000 square feet added to the currently existing gaming floor at Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel.

This is going to be the second floor of the gambling facility which will feature more slot gaming devices and gaming tables. It is also going to have several restaurant options available. Since sports betting is also one of the topics of discussion for the location, there is also going to be a dedicated location for placing wagers. This phase of the expansion will be finished in 2019, putting an end to the entire expansion work. In the meantime, it has been established that sports betting would be introduced to the region.

Mississippi considered the appropriate regulation of its future field and the end of June saw the official greenlighting of the gambling activity within the borders of the state which would go live in as many as 30 days from the approval. Since the law has already been discussed and it was introduced in the books, the only thing left for the state lawmakers after the ruling was to review it and propose the regulations it provides at the official voting.

 Author: Harrison Young

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