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European Gaming Congress Draws International Gaming Experts to Slovenia

In the world of gaming summits and conventions, there is always something on offer for people willing to learn more about the latest regulations in the international market and seeking chances to network with like-minded people. This October is set to bring the European Gaming Congress to Ljubljana, Slovenia, introducing the latest happenings to the gaming field in Europe and focusing on the future development of countries with such fields.

The gambling field is subject to many changes on a daily basis and its rapid pace of development and improvement should be kept in check by major entities operating in it, as to ensure that all businesses could keep up with the competition. Gaming conventions such as the one that is going to take place on 16th October have the main objective to do exactly this and big operators are well-aware of the opportunities it has on offer.

This autumn the European Gaming Congress is set to attract industry experts, regulators, operators and service providers, all of them willing to start the conversation regarding future regulations in the sector and the current issues which they witness on a daily basis. Europe provides a vast range of gaming markets since many of the countries have gaming on offer, which of course comes with the hard to avoid problematic situations and the need for proper regulation and a concrete set of rules which to oversee the field.

Objective of the Congress

In addition to that, there is also the factor of licensing and the requirements coming with it which should also be taken into account when a given developer is considering whether or not to operate in a given gaming field and explore the market. The focus of this single-day convention is going to be on Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Greece and other countries across Europe, each with their own specifics and unique market in development or in the process of improvement.

The congress is set to commence with a focus on the local field of Slovenia, as well as Austria and Croatia which are also working on their gaming offerings. There are also confirmed speakers which are going to share their thoughts regarding the topics related to the countries. Following this panel, there is going to be a one-hour discussion dedicated to the Balkans and Southeast Europe bringing the attention to countries to the liking of Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here will be a networking break giving people the chance to roam around and meet some of the other attendants to this Congress, potentially even sparking the conversation regarding future partnerships and projects. Mediterranean Europe is also going to see the attention of the Congress, bringing the spotlight on France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and the online gaming capital Malta.

One of the widely discussed topics on a global level – problem gambling – is also going to see the attention of the Congress as there will be a special panel discussion regarding it. Gambling addiction is a serious concern which should not be disregarded as a small issue and many countries are actively working towards establishing a secure field.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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