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WSOP $888 Crazy Eights NLHE 8-Handed Approaches Final Table Action

The World Series of Poker has already begun in one of the most booming gambling locations in the world and it succeeds in attracting players from near and far. One of the most anticipated events in the rich schedule of the poker festival is the 62nd one which goes by the name of $888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold’em 8-Handed which features a guaranteed first-place prize amounting to some $888,888.

The first day of action for this event took place on Saturday which meant that more people have the chance to enter the tournament and make their way to the top positions on the official leader board. There was a total of four starting flights which give players enough time to make their way in the poker event and potentially reserve their spot among the participants which would return for day 2 of poker action.

Over the span of the four days which provide players with the chance to enter the game, some 8,598 of them made their way in and registered for the action. This is one of the record player pools of this 49th edition of WSOP and many people were attracted by the guaranteed prize which comes with the first place. The winner would not only bag one of the coveted WSOP gold bracelets awaiting their new owners, but it would also grand them $888,888 for the excellent performance.

The first starting flight of this event attracted some 1,703 entries willing to give their luck a try and showcase their poker skills on the felt. A total of 18 levels were needed for players to reach the last minute of Day 1A and Anthony Reategui managed to bag the most chips. He had his hands on a total of 369,000 and was closely followed by Peter Nigh who claimed the runner-up position with some 352,000 in chips. The 99 participants progressing ahead had already reserved a spot on Day 2.

Poker Action Attracts Thousands of Players

Day 1B drew some 1,908 players willing to enter the tournament and potentially find their way to the top spots on the official leader board. In the second starting flight, people have already had the time to learn about the poker event and there were more of them registering. The one who managed to claim one of the largest chip stacks at the end of the day was Matthew Schreiber who had a total of 662,000 in chips to his name making him the overall chip leader of the event.

The third starting flight brought even more players willing to make their way in the tournament, as there were some 2,492 entries registering for action. They further increased the overall prize pool which amounted to some $6,871,521. When it comes to the player who succeeded in amassing the largest chip count, that was Chris Moorman who is not a new name on the international poker scene. He claimed a total of 511,000 at the end of his deep run in the starting flight which then gave him a fair boost on Day 2.

From all players registered for participation on this third starting flight, only 140 made it till the end of the day and they received the right to continue ahead. The last chance for entering this event was utilized by a total of 2,495 people which made the last starting flight the most popular one among players at the WSOP. Once again 18 levels were needed for them to make it all the way to the end of the day and over the span of those hours of action, the player who generated the largest chip stack was Matt Salsberg who had 483,000 in chips.

This is how poker action reached the official Day 2 which witnessed all surviving participants reunite once again and measure their poker skills at the poker tables. There were some 485 of them and throughout the day their number was quickly reduced to only 29, significantly narrowing down the rivals for the big cashes. Among them were notable names to the liking of Moorman and Martin Jacobson who are both ambassadors of the event’s sponsor 888poker.

The latter made it till the end of the day with some 2,620,000, but, unfortunately, neither of the starting flights’ chip leaders could make it to the end of the day. Galen Hall was the player who bagged the largest chip stack at the end of Day 2 – 6,595,000. From here on out only the last day would decide who is the winner and how the final table is going to turn out.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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