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Illinois Could See Special Sports Wagering Meeting ahead of November Elections

Sports wagering might be one of the hottest topics across the United States’ gambling field ever since May which brought the revolutionary voting of the United States Supreme Court which overturned the existing PASPA. Now the state of Illinois is looking for ways in which it could introduce sports betting to its players and provide the needed framework for the field. There is a possibility that the potential voting could happen until the end of this year.

Ever since 1992 when wagering on sports events was last legal outside Nevada, the states have been subjected to a considerable ban which prohibited them from operating a field which offers placing bets on sports events of all kinds. This restriction has been in effect throughout the years and only now the states have the complete freedom to make the decision themselves and come up with the most suitable set of rules which to shape the future sports betting field.

Illinois has also been eyeing the possibility of legal sports wagering which appears to be real at the moment, even though it might take longer than expected for it to take shape. The month of July could see new a hearing regarding the regulation of the future sports gambling field, however, the state has a long way to go until it witnesses fully-operating sports betting field. The Illinois General Assembly adjourned in the last days of May, several weeks after the overturning of PASPA.

Potential Sports Betting Regulation Considered

Unfortunately, the lawmakers could not come up with a bill which could provide the field with the necessary regulation in time before the adjournment. There were two Senate bills, SB 2478 and SB 3432 which did not receive the needed number of votes in order to progress ahead and be turned into laws. Back then a poll provided by the Daily Herald made it clear that almost half of the legislators could vote in favor of a sports betting initiative.

One of the proposed bills stated that the future sports betting field should feature a 12.5-percent tax on the revenue generated, as well as a $10,000 licensing fee for every operator. The other one was proposed without a specific tax rate. There were a total of five proposed bills on a state level, but neither of them managed to be voted into law in time. The fact that there have been several bills introduced prior to the adjournment of the legislature, places the state ahead of many other states.

Now the state could see another hearing on its potential sports betting field with the help of a special session held in Springfield. Even though there might be a meeting this month, the month of November is set to witness elections which is going to inevitably change the landscape and further postpone the consideration of the sports betting bills. The new session of the General Assembly is set to take place on 9th January which is when work on the proposed bills could commence once again.

All eyes are set on the Chicago which has a lot on offer when it comes to sports betting possibilities which is what makes it one of the preferred regions for such gaming activities. This month’s meeting could pave the way for the potential legalization of sports betting and move the process one step further in this sense. For the time being, other forms of gambling, such as casinos, the Illinois Lottery, horse racing tracks, and video gaming terminals are available to local residents.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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