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Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation Commences Work on New Arizona Tribal Casino

The gambling field in Arizona has been subjected to quite the development in the past years as more and more casino operators seek development there and this could be seen by the diverse nature of gambling venues, both tribal and commercial. The latest announcement came from the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation which has commenced its new casino project in the area of Phoenix.

When it comes to tribal casino venues and their development, the state of Arizona is the location to be. There are two gambling venues whose management is overseen by Indian tribes and they have a lot on offer to their gaming patrons. The tribe of Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation has a long history when it comes to the operation of gambling venues and this could be seen by the first casino venue it offered to the community about 30 years ago.

Now it is time for renovation and the development of something new in the area which is why the tribe has been considering the construction of the new casino. The official groundbreaking took place on 29th June and ever since then there work on the new project has been in full swing. At the official ceremony which gave green light to the construction process on site, there were tribal officials present.

In the meantime, Tribal Council President Bernadine Burnette stated that this future gambling venue is set to propel ahead the development of the tribe and open a new chapter of its history. The project has been estimated to cost as much as $120 million to the Indian tribe which is striving to introduce innovation to the local field and the patrons interested in participating in gambling activities. Striving to provide a diverse audience with entertainment offering, it is going to feature both gaming and non-gaming options.

Entirely New Casino Venue to Be Built by 2020

The new gambling facility is set to feature gaming offerings fanning out on a total of 166,000 square feet, providing enough space for all devices to be appropriately featured at the new venue. Among its offerings, there would be slot devices, bingo, and card tables available on site. In addition to that, there would also be restaurant offerings with premium cuisine, as well as a special stage which could feature live performances and facilitate other events.

The Indian tribe would also introduce a brand new sports bar to the site which could see sports wagering operation in the foreseeable future. Ever since the US Supreme court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act from 1992, all states have been looking for ways in which they could provide the appropriate regulation for the introduction of sports betting. Arizona is one of the states which could potentially see large revenue being generated if sports betting is in fact legalized within the borders of the state.

Anywhere from $35.8 million to $178.9 million could be generated in taxes by 2023 if sports betting is greenlighted, as it was estimated by experts in a report issued by Global Market Advisors. This is why the tribal casino venue is interested in featuring such sports bar which could bring more revenue to the operator and attract more patrons to the venue. Another favorable feature is the specific location of the new venue which is near the We-Ko-Pa Resort and golf club.

This makes it a convenient venue for the guests of the two facilities which could bring benefits for the Native American tribe in the long run. Construction work on the new venue is set to take about four years and for the time being, the tribe has given the spring of 2020 as an estimated time of launch.

Up until that point, the Fort McDowell casino venue will remain in operation as to sustain the financial state of the tribe. When the construction work on the new venue has been finalized, it would undergo a renovation phase and be utilized for other purposes.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.