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Imperial Pacific Resort Developer Proposes December for Casino Resort Launch

The largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands is Saipan and is it is known, the gambling industry there is developing at a rapid pace. Its current project which is at its construction stage at the moment is the luxurious Imperial Pacific Resort and Casino which is estimated to cost as much as half a billion to its developer. The official launch date of the project was set for this August, but as it turns out various factors have caused a delay and December is eyed for the opening.

For many months now construction work on site has been in progress and workers have been doing their best to introduce the brand new gaming location to the community in time and according to the previously announced time frame. August was the month originally considered for launching operation and introducing the new offering to the field. As it is known now, the location has a long way to go until it is finalized and ready for operation.

It was confirmed by the authorities that the management of the project is looking for ways to extend the deadline and earn more time for the construction of the new gambling location. The new casino resort which is currently being constructed will have as many as 329 rooms available for booking at its launch. This was the official information issued at the beginning of this year and what the community knows at this point.

Extension of Launch Date Could See End of Year Opening

Now the casino developer overseeing the operation of the future facility stated that the construction work is not expected to be finished in time and the month of December seems like a more realistic deadline for the official launch. For the time being, the venue is only 68 percent finished which is not enough for it to welcome its first guests.

What should be taken into account, is the fact that there is a specific minimum set by the Commonwealth Casino Commission back when it issued the casino license for Imperial Pacific Resort. According to it, the location should feature a minimum of 250 hotel rooms finished and available for booking by the customers of the casino resort.

Imperial Pacific International was previously positive that it would be able to meet the minimum requirements stated in the document, but as it turns out this might not happen until 31st August. The lawyer who presents the company had stated that the need has arisen since the developer wants to guarantee a safe completion of the project, and this will result in more work.

The Vice President for Construction at Imperial Pacific International, Eric Poon, made this clear during the latest meeting of the Commonwealth Casino Commission. In addition to that, Mr. Poon proposed a new launch date which could see the casino resort fully-equipped for operation towards the end of December this year.

If the authorities agree to this extension, this would mean that the casino license agreement has been subjected to a total of six amendments prior to the launch date. The authorities stated that they would not want to impose a sanction because of the violation of the arrangement.

 Author: Harrison Young

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