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Macau’s The 13 Hotel Announces New Launch Date Scheduled for 31st July

Macau is a booming casino hub which has a lot on offer every single day and there are several casino developers and operators which are currently working on their future locations set to launch. There is one such emblematic venue which goes by the name of The 13 Hotel which has been under construction for quite some time now, but the waiting could soon come to an end, as it was confirmed that the launch date may take place on 31st July.

The launch date of the much-anticipated project of The 13 Hotel, located on the Coloane Island, Macau, has been rescheduled once again as it was confirmed this week by the hotel operator which is going to oversee the management of the location. This has not been the first instance when the property developer South Shore Holdings has made public its decision to extend the construction period of the location in order to make sure the project fits into the previously appointed fiscal plan.

Last week saw the official rebranding of the promoter which was previously known as The 13 Holdings Ltd. The reason for the name change given by the developer itself was that there should be a discrepancy between the corporal identity and the new location which is under construction. In order to provide the needed funding, the company has been exploring various options.

Previous Development around the New Venue

The final step which helped boost the final development phase of THE 13 Hotel was a HK$300 million bridge loan which was obtained back in December 2016. This time the reason behind this delay is that the developer has to ensure that the construction work on site goes as intended. There has been a case of defective works taking place on the location and in order for this issue to be resolved, more time would be needed.

Following a mandatory inspection of the Macao Government Tourism Office, the said defective works have been discovered which has led to the postponing. A hotel license was due to be issued after the said inspection, but for the time being the new location would have to first take care of the issues identified and then go for a new inspection which could grant it such licensing for operation.

The inspection took place on 4th June, since the appointed date for the official launch of The 13 Hotel was set for 30th June. However, now the date is going to be delayed even later than what was originally intended. According to the information which was issued back in November, the hotel operator planned to open the new hotel on or before 31st March and the community was anticipating the launch with excitement.

The Coloane Island is the site where the new project is being constructed and the prognosis state that the location would work in favor of the operation. For the time being, however, no casino licensing has been ensured for the new location, which could have boosted its future development.

 Author: Harrison Young

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