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North Carolina’s Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort Commences $250-Million Expansion

The gambling industry is on an everlasting pursuit of the premium experience they could provide their patrons and guests with, which is the reason why expansions and renovations of properties are often times considered by the operators. One such commenced this Tuesday as the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort which is located in Cherokee, North Carolina, with the official start of the $250-million expansion of the site.

This integrated resort is one of the locations with a long history in the region, as it saw its official launch in November 1997 and has been in operation ever since then. Managed by international casino developer and operator Caesars Entertainment and owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, this resort is situated on the site of the former Frontier Land theme park, beloved by many.

It is the largest hotel in the state which makes it a preferred location. Expansion of the property has been in progress ever since last year, striving to bring more to the area. The expansion is projected to cost some $250 million to the casino developer and operator, guaranteeing more premium offerings on site. This phase of the process would bring as many as 725 brand new hotel rooms available for booking by the guests of the integrated resort.

In addition to the new hotel tower which is set to be built on site, there will also be a new convention center constructed in the area. In an attempt to provide its customers with a more diverse range of offerings, the casino developer has decided to focus on more family-friendly facilities.

Casino Resort to See Considerable Expansion over Next Years

It comes as no surprise that more and more casino developers and operators turn towards non-gambling expansion which has the potential to attract more age groups to the area. It has also been confirmed that non-gaming offerings tend to bring the larger chunk of revenue in the long run, making it a more profitable choice. The convention center planned for this phase of the expansion will provide 83,000 square feet available for hosting concerts and other larger congregations.

Among the plans previously announced by the General Manager of Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Resort, Brooks Robinson, the new venue would aim to bring more to the field. Conventions and concerts are only some of the events which could be hosted at the new building, but there would also be sports events to the liking of basketball, wrestling, and volleyball. Other offerings could also include the hosting of car, recreational vehicle, boat, and zip-line shows

Thanks to this improvement, the range of potential pastimes available on site is expected to grow and diversify. This expansion is set to take place over the following 30 months, as it comes with the construction of two large new facilities. At the moment the integrated resort has as many as 1,100 hotel rooms available for booking, as well as a total of 150,000 square feet of gaming floor. With the help of this new expansion, the location will add more work positions to the already existing 3,600 and elevate them to 4,000.

It could be recalled that last year witnessed the previous phase of expansion which was worth $13 million and brought bowling alleys, gaming arcade, as well as a restaurant, and a stage for music shows. This project secured work positions for 150 new people and provided the area with a new form of entertainment, which enjoys high popularity ever since.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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