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Wynn Las Vegas Casino Dealers Strive to Bring Tips Sharing Policy Change

Wynn Resorts is one of the major casino developers and operators which has its casino resorts located in some of the hottest gambling spots around the globe. Las Vegas is one of those locations and as such up to this point casino employees were used to sharing their tips with the supervisors, but this could soon change.

Casino venues are always striving to provide their players with the utmost level of gaming experience and one of the ways they are able to do so is with the help of a floor supervisors available on site at all times. Their work is to oversee table games to guarantee they are being operated the way they are supposed to, as well as provide the needed supervision over employees currently working on the premises of the gambling facility.

They also have the task to train and coach casino workers such as the dealers and this comes with certain established benefits. This Monday witnessed another step of a prolonged legal matter involving the dealers employed by Wynn Resorts and casino supervisors which also work at the gaming venues in their immediate vicinity. Ever since 2006 dealers operating the gaming tables located in the venue of Wynn Las Vegas have been fighting for their right to keep their tips for themselves as an earned bonus for their professionalism, instead of having to share them with the supervisors.

Matters were taken to court back then and the legal case has been in progress ever since with both parties hoping they can accomplish their demands. The beginning of this week saw the US Supreme Court contradict a petition filed by the casino resort operating in Las Vegas which strives to bring the change. After the decision of the SCOTUS, now the case is set to once again return to state District Judge Robert Jones which could turn things around and bring casino dealers their long-anticipated win.

Timeline of the Casino Tips Legal Case

In case the legal matters bring employees their desired results, they could end up receiving a considerable amount of monthly wages. Right now they are obliged to share as much as 15 percent of their tips generated throughout their shift at the Wynn Las Vegas with the floor supervisors currently at work. Over the span of the years this policy has cost the whopping figure of $150,000 which are the tips a single dealer has failed to keep to themselves.

The potential overturning of the policy could result in casino dealers bagging larger wages than their floor supervisors. This much is enough to boost their efforts to accomplish their goal and maintain the 15 percent of tips they are now obliged to share. Wynn Resorts is the sole casino operator and developer operating in the gambling hub under this particular rule. It is a well-known practice which concerns both current workers and potential candidates for the work position.

This could lead to people deciding to accept another job offer instead of the one at Wynn Las Vegas, as they would have the right to maintain the entire amount of their tips generated throughout their shift. One of the pivotal moments of this case came when back in 2011 there was a change introduced to the regulation under the Obama Administration. It subjected casino venues to the practice of sharing tips among all workers who usually receive such.

The year 2013 was when this last case was filed by the dealers employed at the gambling venue of the casino resort. The District Court of Nevada ruled that the sharing of tips should continue, which led to as many as 800 employees turning to the US Supreme Court and seeking to protect their rights. People have been discontent with the status quo ever since and this has brought individuals to file for bankruptcy.

If they manage to achieve their goal, they would be able to recover the lost compensation from May 2011 onwards, amounting to some $50 million. In the meantime, Wynn Resorts states that nothing wrong has been done with the introduction of the said policy and they would continue to sustain their point.

 Author: Harrison Young

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