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Island View Welcomes Brand New Beach Casino in Time for Sports Betting Launch

The state of Mississippi is going through a period of considerable development which has the potential to elevate the gambling field on a whole new level with many new offerings available. The latest one among them is the new Beach Casino which comes as an expansion to Island View Casino Resort located in Gulfport which cost as much as $75 million to its casino developer.

Over the span of the past several months the region has been witnessing quite the improvement when it comes to its gambling industry, bringing more to the region. It all started back in May 2017 when in a new investment move Roy Anderson Corp. acquired the permission to build a brand new casino facility in Gulfport which to attract patrons with its beautiful views. The permit for Beach Casino construction itself cost some $30 million to the investor and construction commenced immediately.

It comes as the second extension of Island View Casino Resort which boasts another casino location on the north side of the US 90 highway. With the help of this $75-million investment, the casino resort is going to feature the largest gambling venue within the borders of Mississippi boasting some 126,000 square feet. When considered on a larger scale, this opening will nearly double the casino field at a state level.

There is a reason for the double gambling offerings available within the same casino resort and that is the choice of smoking or non-smoking environment. Patrons have expressed their desire to play in a smoke-free environment and the casino developer is now ready to provide them with a suitable venue which would make their gambling experience a more enjoyable one.

Mississippi Brings More Sports Betting Options

The new Beach Casino has some 43,000 square feet of space available which feature gambling offerings familiar to the players which have previously visited the other gambling venue operated by Island View Resort. A total of 900 new gaming machines and some 18 table games will be available on site. This new venue will provide its patrons with the treat of Mississippi Sound views and utilize the location of the former Grand Casino Gulfport venue.

Along with the new gaming offerings, Beach Casino will also feature various food offerings to the liking of Prime Cut restaurant, the Dockside Deli, the Beach Coffee Shop, as well as Gulf Breeze Daiquiris. In addition to that, there is also a special stage which would welcome live performances, as well as a sports bar providing players with the chance to place their wagers once sports betting becomes legal.

The casino developer has been preparing for the potential legalization and as it is known now, this Thursday saw the official greenlighting of the framework. As many as 30 days will have to pass until it launches across the state and Beach Casino will be one of the 28 gambling venues to feature sports wagering among its gaming options. The other casino facility is also going to feature a fully-developed sports book on offer.

The owners of Island View, Terry Green and Rick Carter are already preparing with its sports book since it is going to provide the location with a gaming offering which has the potential to attract more people to the new venue. As an additional benefit from the new casino venue, as many as 100 new job positions were created meaning that more locals will have the chance to become part of the gambling staff of Island View Casino Resort.

 Author: Harrison Young

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