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Robert Peacock Generates 38,200,000 Chip Stack in Event #34: $1,000 DOUBLE STACK NLHE

Las Vegas is the location which has a lot on offer on a daily basis when it comes to gambling, but this fact is especially true at the moment since the World Series of Poker is currently in progress at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. The 34th event of the diverse schedule is the $1,000 DOUBLE STACK No-Limit Hold’em one which provides players with many prizes worth consideration and is approaching its final table with only three players surviving.

When the people responsible for the organization of a given poker festival are creating the schedule months prior to the initial tournament has launched, nobody could be completely sure how many days would a given event last. This was the case with this DOUBLE STACK event which was supposed to last for as many as four days of poker action. In reality, the players who survived until the end of Day 4 came to the conclusion that an additional Day 5 would be needed in order to determine who is the most skillful player among them.

WSOP provides surprising twists and turns on every corner and the latest turn of events is one such instance. At the very beginning of Day 4, there were some 20 players returning to their seats after they managed to outplay a larger part of the overall player pool. Pablo Fernandez Campo was the first player to leave the race soon after the official start of Day 4 and this brought him some $22,122. Keith Ferrera was one of the players with a larger chip count amounting to some 7,550,000 and he was determined to reach far in the poker tournament.

Significant Gap Separates the First and Second Player

Lady Luck had other plans for him since he was busted on the 11th position which brought him $44,407 at the end of his performance in this tournament. Andrey Zaichenko who was also a player performing convincingly and had claimed the 19th position at the end of Day 3 had to leave sooner than expected and bagged $27,689 for his deep run in the tournament.

The ultimate goal of this day was to bring the action to an end and witness the Final Table come to an end, but time was not on the players’ side. Only six of the nine players on it received cash payouts after their eliminations throughout the day, the largest one claimed by Jacky Wong who reached the fourth position and $219,952 coming with it. Once there were three of them left poker action was halted only to continue this Thursday.

What should be taken into account is the fact that the chip leader from Day 3 Robert Peacock survived Day 4’s eliminations and is one of the three players progressing towards the final battle on Day 5. The fifth day of poker action will see him welcome the remaining two participants as the chip leader who placed a gigantic gap between the first and the second place on the temporary rank list.

He has a total of 38,200,000 in chips at the moment whereas the runner-up position is taken by Nicholas Salimbene who bagged some 10,400,000 at the end of Day 4. The player who is currently taking the third position on the temporary leader board is Joshua Turner who has as many as 8,400,000 in chips to his name. Thursday is expected to bring a relatively short final battle for the remaining participants since there are only three of them.

Poker action is set to commence at noon when they would return back to the poker tables with a fresh look over the poker table. Whoever claims the third position on the leader board is going to claim as much as $294,760, while the runner-up position is set to bag the consolation prize of $397,908 at the end of the heads-up duel.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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