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Uganda’s Sports Bettors See Fully-Fledged Football Rush during 2018 World Cup

Uganda is one of the developing countries which is highly interested in the world of sports wagering and the potential profits it has on offer for those who are interested in putting their knowledge about sports to the test. With the first days of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia betting enthusiasts have demonstrated even higher rates of wagering on football matches which are further boosted by the attractive jackpots up for grabs.

Over the span of the last several years, sports gambling has been on the rise in the East African country bringing the attention of many international operators to the local field. Ever since the official legalization of the field which coincided with the introduction of mobile data, smartphones, satellite and digital television to the field. This made placing sports bets on events a much easier task for everyone willing to participate in the gaming activity, which slowly but surely turned into a preferred pastime.

Players located in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania usually opt for mobile money transactions since this utilizes the entire process. Uganda has numerous betting shops attracting players with their brightly-colored advertisement materials, neon lights, and laptops accepting their bets. People who put their money on sports events usually range below the 35-year-old ark and those are the people betting on the first matches of the World Cup.

They claim that every single match is able to bring them one of the large payouts and this is the reason why some of them are willing to bet USh50,000 (US$13) on the more promising events such as the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia in Moscow. Even though Uganda could not qualify for the World Cup wagering enthusiasts are already flooding the betting shops and spending a considerable number of hours every single day with the hopes of eventually bagging the recently announced jackpot which betPawa gives.

Big Jackpots Attract Players to Bet More

According to the information listed by the online betting site with a bet amounting to some USh1,000 each player has the actual chance to win a special World Cup Jackpot amounting to some USh1,000,000. The only condition is that the predict all 13 football matches correctly. This amount is a typical stake for the players in the region, but with more and more betting options the money lost could become a burden for the financial state of players.

As a result of this nationwide interest towards betting on sports events, the National Gambling Board is closely monitoring the field, in order to minimize the negative impact on players. Each and every player willing to participate has to be previously registered in the system of the gaming authority and regularly monitored as to avoid any addition tendencies.

This May brought the news that a Central Monitoring System will be introduced as an attempt to provide a strict regulation of the field. One of the main objectives of the new system is to prevent underage players from wagering as well as prevent potential criminals from entering the field.

It is closely-knitted with the National Identification and Registration Authority. Money Laundering is an issue which every country is bound to face when it comes to gambling offerings and this new system makes an attempt to act as an anti-money laundering measure.

In this sense, it is also linked to the Financial Intelligence Authority which would provide an additional safety measure. The system is finalized and the end of this year is expected to see the end of the procurement period related to it.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace has been part of our team since the website was launched. She has a master’s degree in IT.