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East Coast Gaming Congress Returns to Atlantic City in Time for Sports Betting Launch

This Wednesday and Thursday are going to be eventful for the gaming industry on the East Coast, as it is set to witness the 22nd Annual East Coast Gaming Congress which is set to bring innovation closer to Atlantic City. The gambling hub on the East Coast is going to welcome the two-day congregation of leading figures for the field and participants in it will aim to make sure they cover all relevant topics for the field, bringing attention to the recently greenlighted sports betting as well.

Just as every other year up to this point, the gaming conference is going to produce every participant willing to attend with the latest happenings of the industry, an abundance of information in a constant flow, as well as the hot topics regarding the local field of New Jersey. This year would be no exception when it comes to influential speakers presenting their point of view and introducing new ways in which the field could witness an upwards direction of development.

Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center is set to welcome this year’s gaming convention which also comes accompanied with the NextGen Gaming Forum. The latter is going to focus on emerging gambling offerings which are just now beginning to take the industry by a storm.

Among those are online gaming, fantasy sports, eSports, as well as a wide variety of skill-based gaming. In the light of the recent controversial decision of the Legislature to exclude eSports betting from legalized gaming offerings, this forum might provide solutions for the upcoming months.

Sports Wagering to Be in the Spotlight of the Congress

This year is special for the region since it marks the 40th anniversary of gambling in Atlantic City, which has established its position in the US casino scene over the span of almost half a century. This special occasion is going to receive the attention of experts in the field who will present a special panel dedicated to the long history of one of the first locations to welcome gambling outside Nevada.

One of the most prevalent topics in the past couple of days was no other than the official approval of sports betting which came from New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy. As the Congress is taking place shortly after the official approval of sports wagering, there would be some slight changes in the conversation regarding this sector. Gov. Murphy is going to be one of the speakers during the Congress and he is expected to provide his insight into the potential gaming impact of sports betting legalization.

In the months leading up to the official ruling of the US Supreme Court which decided that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act from 1992 should no longer be considered relevant to the industry, the organization of this Congress expressed its plans to focus on this topic. Now that the decision has been made and this Thursday is scheduled to witness the first bet places at Monmouth Park racetrack, the conversation is going to be slightly altered.

What is most likely to happen is that the Congress will focus on the way in which sports gambling could be introduced to every venue willing to offer it across New Jersey. According to the estimations of experts in the field, the legal operation is expected to generate some $13 million in tax revenue solely over the span of the first year of sports wagering.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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