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WSOP Event #21: $1,500 NLHE MILLIONAIRE MAKER Offers $9,937,350 in Payouts

Who would not want to become a millionaire in a matter of days only? The chances of this happening might be slim for many people around the world, but the World Series of Poker makes this possibility a reality with the help of its eagerly-anticipated Event #21: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em MILLIONAIRE MAKER, boasting a truly impressive guaranteed prize pool of $9,937,350.

This is one of the poker tournaments in the rich schedule of WSOP which could be easily defined as memorable in any way. It commenced on 9th June and according to the schedule of the poker festival, it is going to continue until 14th June. Giving the chance to as many participants as possible to make their way into the event, it had two starting flights. The first one of them welcomed some 3,046 entries willing to put their skills to the test and participate in the poker tournament.

Whoever manages to reach the first place at the end of the Final Table is going to claim the prize coming with it amounting to some $1,173,223. Out of all participants willing to register for participation only as many as 458 survived to the end of the starting flight.

They received the chance to make it to the official Day 2 of the MILLIONAIRE MAKER tournament led by Canadian chip leader Kule Hartree. He succeeded in amassing some 208,500 which was more than anyone present had generated throughout the day.

Riveting Cash Payouts for the Top Players

Day 1B of the poker tournament brought a new batch of players willing to enter the prestigious event and towards the end of the registration period, they amounted to some 4,312 entries. Throughout the starting flights, players were systematically eliminated from the long run which is how only 1,104 of them received the right to continue towards the next stage of poker action.

This time the chip leader among all participants from the two starting flights combined was Andrea Buonocore who generated a chip stack of 209,900 and moved forwards. All players who survived this far are set to receive a minimum amount of cash prize of $2,249 which is already a good payout considering the buy-in amounting to $1,500.

Some of the players worth mentioning who progress ahead are two former winners of WSOP bracelet Jared Jaddee who is fourth in the chip counts, as well as Anthony Spinella who claimed the 8th position on the unofficial leader board at the end of Day 1B. Poker action then moved towards the official Day 2 which was set for this Monday.

Each of the players returning for the next phase of the poker tournament was prepared to go far in Event #21 and potentially become part of the world of millionaires. The chip leader from Day 1B had to leave the event earlier than expected after he was eliminated without a cash payout.

As for the chip leader at the end of the first starting flight, Hartree is still in the game as he claimed the 34th position on the unofficial leader board. Another player who has had previous experience with the MILLIONAIRE MAKER event is Stanley Lee, currently fifth in the rank list. Lee has as much as 866,000 at the moment, but back in 2015 he reached as far as the 24th place in this very same event and this brought him some $45,000.

The leader who is going to welcome all remaining 155 players on Day 3 is Aaron Mesmer who is in possession of the most chips on the felt, reaching a total of 1,089,000. Tuesday is the day which will see the remaining player count decrease as action approaches the final Day 5 and the coveted million.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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