Alabama Warms Up to Future State Lottery Prior to Gubernatorial Elections this Autumn

The state of Alabama is one of the regions which has a special relationship with the gambling industry since the authorities are strictly prohibiting certain activities within the borders of the state. However, there are signs that this could change in the foreseeable future. The upcoming gubernatorial election which is set to take place this autumn might bring a shift in the sector, reflecting the general attitude towards gambling in all its forms.

It is not a secret to anyone that the status quo in the state of Alabama at the moment does not allow gambling in facilities based in the state. There are tribal casinos in operation which are rather crippled in their offerings since the Native American tribes which oversee their operation are not permitted to offer gaming tables at all. Instead, the only gambling devices they have on offer are slot machines and games providing bingo-type games to the players of the casino.

Players willing to participate in gaming activities in their full range have the opportunity to do so in casino facilities located in the neighboring state of Mississippi where gambling is legal in its entirety. This creates a situation of conflict since the nearby states to the liking of Mississippi and Florida enjoy the gambling revenue boost.

These established by the state of Alabama rules have been keeping the religious community in the state content that locals are not subjected to the negative impact of gambling and the potential problem gambling issues related to it for many years now.

Potential Changes within the Gaming Field of the State

Gambling is not considered legal, meaning that only Native Americans have the right to operate bingo-themed casino venues. As a result, the revenue generated throughout their operation is also not subject to any taxes imposed by the state. However, horse racing and dog races are considered legal.

This is what could potentially open a door for consideration of sports betting now that the US Supreme Court ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 should no longer be considered relevant for the development of the industry across the states. This year is set to witness the anticipated by many gubernatorial elections which are scheduled to take place on 6th November and what could significantly change the landscape in the state are the nominated candidates with their new ideas.

Voters from the state have given their approval to candidates who have state lottery in mind and could potentially trigger the launch of such gaming operation in the upcoming years. This is the first possible outcome of the election of one of the candidates who has expressed their desire to introduce lottery offerings to the state. The support of the lottery creation idea among individuals of Alabama was also clearly identified in a poll conducted recently by the Republican party.

People claiming to belong to the religious community of the state have also expressed their support of the potential new gaming offering in the state. As the general attitude towards gambling in Alabama becomes more mellow sports wagering could also become part of the future of Alabama. November would be the month which might see the pavement of the state future gambling field peppered with new gaming options.