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Australasian Gaming Expo 2018 Brings Insight into Asia-Pacific Region

The gaming industry on a global level has a constantly changing landscape and one of the places where this is most visible is gaming conferences and summits providing experts in the field and leading companies with the chance to share their vision for the future. This August is set to welcome the next edition of the Australasian Gaming Expo once again providing fresh insight into the gaming field of the region.

Summer is usually the season which brings quite the variety of gaming conferences and congregations to people in the industry ready to network and exchange useful tips and experience with like-minded people. One of the eagerly anticipated events this August is going to be the Australasian Gaming Expo, which is aiming to bring innovation closer to the people.

Over the span of three days from 14th to 16th this gaming congregation is set to provide a careful selection of companies presenting their new ideas to the field and looking for ways in which they could improve the status quo. This week saw the official announcement of the schedule for the major gaming festival, that is expected to receive a lot of attention in the month of August as well as in the run-up to it.

Since this a gaming expo with a long experience everyone is ready for what there is on offer, as the people responsible for the organization have a lot to offer. Since its first installment back in 1990 the gaming expo has gained a lot of supporters and its popularity has surged immensely, guaranteeing even more participants present this year.

Offerings Available during the Gaming Expo

The Australasian Gaming Expo is known in the industry as the third-largest gaming conference dedicated to casino gaming devices and throughout the years, many big companies operating in the field have introduced their new offerings during this very gaming expo. At the same time, this gaming event covers the field of the booming Asia-Pacific region which is sure to bring exhibitors from all four corners of the world.

The multiple-day event is going to be hosted at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbor, Sydney transforming it into the hottest location in the gaming industry. The location is expected to provide the necessary conditions and spacious environment for the expo. The attention to detail is also worth taking into account, as the organizers are willing to listen to the recommendations of their guests from previous years and put their advice in action in this year’s installment of the gaming summit.

There would be a special First Timers Program which is going to make the experience even more convenient for people attending the event for the first time. According to the schedule of the congregation, there will be more than 200 companies exhibiting their offerings, many of them presenting products available for the first time and premiering them to the public. Alongside the offerings, there will also be a special comprehensive seminar program lasting three days supported by Gaming Technologies Association and Asia Gaming Brief.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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