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Brockton Casino Resort Project Might Get a Second Chance this Year

Brockton, Massachusetts has had its experience with gambling industry and casino operators willing to introduce their offerings to the area in the past which have ended unsuccessfully. Now several years after its attempt to introduce a gambling venue to the area, Rush Street Gaming is once again giving casino proposal a try in an attempt to boost the local economy and explore the local market.

The casino developer and operator is set to give its luck a second try and file in its casino project to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission once again with the hopes that this time the stars would align in a favorable way. Since many factors have influenced the region since 2016, the chances for success are also better, which is why the subsidiary company Mass Gaming and Entertainment has once again applies for license for operation in the area.

In a letter addressed to the authorities overseeing the local field the casino developer is proposing a public discussion of the matter as well as the reconsideration of the previously proposed plans for a casino resort. What should be taken into account is that the casino supporters are willing to produce as much as $96 million for the license fee and acquire it immediately after the favorable vote of the officials.

Once the project is in operation the company is set to provide more than $70 million in tax revenue which would go straight to the state of Massachusetts, whereas some $13 million a year would be provided to Brockton. The new project is set to offer a new job position to as many as 2,000 people during the construction period and some 1,800 once the casino resort is fully operational.

Previous Instance of Casino License Proposal

The year 2016 turned out to be a dud when it comes to casino offering for Rush Street Gaming which was willing to operate in the field and potentially bring a fresh inflow of revenue. Back then the Massachusetts Gaming Commission witnessed the formal proposal of Brockton Resort Casino which the casino operator made with the intention to make the location even more tempting for tourists and locals alike.

Back then this project was going to become the third and final casino venue to receive a license for operation and the casino developer had its hopes in it. However, as it turned out the local officials were not on the same page as the operator and Commission Chairman Stephen Crosby made it more than clear that the region is not willing to give its final casino license to Rush Street Gaming.

In his review of the proposed project, Mr. Crosby expressed his opinion regarding the future location. According to him back then the $677-million project failed to stand out in the crowd and the overall opinion was that it would not bring much to the region when it comes to improvement and making it an emblematic venue on the grounds of the Brockton Fairgrounds.

There was also the additional factor which affected the decision of the officials and that was the tribal casino venue proposed in the neighboring Taunton. In order to avoid the cannibalization of the field and two casino venue only 20 miles away from each other, the officials decided to deny the operator a gaming license for development.

 Author: Harrison Young

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