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Wynn Resorts Brings Solar Power to Las Vegas Venues, Appoints Chief Sustainability Officer

Like many larger businesses which have a considerable impact on the environment in one way or another, casino operators are constantly looking for ways in which they could make their operation greener. Wynn Resorts is well on its way to improve both its future and the future of nature in a sustainable way with the introduction of its new solar facility for powering its Las Vegas locations, as well as the appointment of its new Chief Sustainability Officer Erik Hansen.

Las Vegas is known as the gambling capital of the United States and also as a place where the action never stops and neon lights are shining brightly at all times. Around the clock, there are big signs and billboards illuminating their proximity and this could result in considerable costs for the powering of big casino resorts. Wynn Resorts has been striving to optimize their venues and make them more environmentally-friendly and their efforts towards reaching this goal are now going to come to fruition.

Wynn Resorts currently oversees the operation of two locations in Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas, and Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. Both of them are situated on the Las Vegas Strip which is one of the brightest spots in the state with its myriad of entertainment opportunities at every step. Alongside with the bright offerings and the need for constant energy usage, there comes also the harmful impact on nature and the constant use of electric power. The limited sources of the planet are respected by Wynn Resorts and this is what led to the need for the new project.

Green Energy Comes to Las Vegas Strip

The new solar facility goes by the name of Wynn Solar Facility and it is located in the western part of the state of Nevada. It is spread across a total of 160 acres just outside Fallon and it is expected to be sufficient for the powering of the two facilities working on the Strip. The location is situated about 375 miles from the two casino resorts at a spot which has the potential to provide them with an unlimited source of electricity and reliable energy for operation.

The prices for electricity are forecasted to be increasing in the upcoming months which is one of the reasons why the operation of the solar power facility is commencing just now. In order to minimize its spending and optimize the operational process, Wynn Resorts is turning towards a greener operational model which has the potential to bring a better future to the planet. In addition to the 160-acre patch, there is also another area of solar panels installed, this time onto the roof of one of the casino resorts.

Wynn Las Vegas welcomed a total of 103,000 square feet of brand new panels which are going to boost the accumulated power from the Fallon facility. The combined power is currently offsetting some 75 percent of the electricity requirements of the resorts which is the most any casino operator in Nevada has relied on renewable energy. In order to oversee the management of this sector, the casino developer has recently created a brand new position of Chief Sustainability Officer which is now occupied by Erik Hansen.

He has been in the company since 2016 and up to this point, he has occupied the position of Director of Energy Procurement. With the help of his experience in the field amounting to 25 years and this new post, Mr. Hansen is going to oversee the future sustainability strategy of the company.

 Author: Harrison Young

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