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Cambodia Government Brings First-Ever Gambling Seminar this September

Cambodia is one of the countries in Asia which is working on its emerging gambling field and striving to elevate it on a new level since it has the potential to improve the economic situation of the country in general and attract more tourists to the region. As it was recently confirmed the gaming field is set to witness its first-ever seminar dedicated to the gaming industry this September bringing together businesses interested in developing.

The gambling industry in Cambodia is experiencing rapid development at the moment as a brand new legislation which aims to draw foreign investors is being considered by the authorities. With this move, the gaming industry is going to see the introduction of new capital and a breath of fresh air which has the potential to shape the industry and lead it in a whole new direction. With the help of various regulations and safety measures being introduced the authorities are striving to provide players with a reliable field which could meet their high expectations.

Now in an attempt to bring more to the field, the government has decided to introduce this gaming industry workshop which would help boost the development of the gaming field in Cambodia. This September is set to witness a congregation of officials involved in the improvement of the field as well as executives operating in the gaming field.

The ultimate goal of this first-ever seminar dedicated to the industry of gambling and its main concerns is to provide businesses interested in the field with the needed platform to network and work on the future of the field bringing their experience and influencing it in a positive way.

Seminar Brings Opportunities for Training

One of the main goals for the authorities would be to give voice to their discussions related to the gaming industry and make them in a public way which involves a wider audience. With the help of this seminar industry executives will have the chance to debate certain changes in the regulation of the Cambodian gaming industry and discuss what the ideal framework would be.

The seminar comes with the partnering efforts of the Ministries of Economy and Finance and Interior providing them with the needed control over the field. It could be recalled that at the beginning of June brought the news that the officials of the Ministry of Economy and Finance which is currently supervising the casino field had stated that international investors are more than welcome to explore the field and make their move, but casino development in the area of Siem Reap is not going to be permitted anytime soon.

Instead, the upcoming seminar will aim to provide the officials involved in the field with the proper training and extensive information necessary. This November was said to also bring another gaming-related conference this time in Phnom Penh. The Asia Gaming Expo and Conference Cambodia which was said to take place from 21st to 23rd November.

However, according to Ros Phearun, Deputy Director of the Department of Financial Industry this expo might not receive green light from the government. As it is known it is not legally permitted for any business to advertise gaming activities in Cambodia.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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