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Caesars Entertainment Brings Family-Friendly Offerings by Licensing Four Hotel Brands

Some of the major international casino developer and operators are always on the hunt for ways in which they could improve their operation and elevate it to a new level. Caesars Entertainment has decided to provide four of its well-known hotel brands to the likings of Caesars Palace, Flaming, The Cromwell, and the LINQ with licensing in order to spread their influence on a global level with the help of strategic partners.

The past several years have not been the easiest for the casino developer and operator as it could be recalled that the year 2015 brought the news that Caesars Entertainment is filing for bankruptcy protection. The added factor of some $24 billion in debt is what pushed the company to make the tough decision and this dragged with itself the unexpected corporate brawl involving Caesars’ debtholders and private equity firms.

In this sense, the recovery process for the company has involved several successful arrangements which have now brought Caesars back to its previous position. With the help of this newly-announced licensing plan, the casino developer is aiming to bring its offerings closer to people around the world, as well as offer them a superb leisure. Caesars is going to pick some of its preferred companies which are partnering with the casino operator that would have the chance to oversee the management of the new locations.

Family-friendly Offerings Ahead

The ultimate goal would be for the four brands to be able to reach gateway cities all around the globe and explore new markets. In its essence this move could be qualified as a branch out and a way for the casino developer to fan out its influence throughout the field on an international level.

The said four brands have already established their presence on the hotel and accommodation scene which is expected to facilitate their introduction by the tourists from all four corners of the world. The LINQ is one of the most recognizable 360-degree hospitality experience which could prove to be a success at many locations. Flamingo brand is striving to bring the classic Vegas vibe to its new facilities by introducing customers to the history from not-so-distant past.

The Cromwell brings a luxurious mood with itself with the help of chip suites and sophisticated boutique rooms available for booking. Caesars Palace is probably the most distinct brand of Caesars Entertainment which transports its guests back to the Roman empire of lavish and opulent lifestyle.

With this non-gaming global expansion, Caesars joins many other casino developers which are striving to provide their customers with more family-friendly offerings and make sure that all expectations are met. Since non-gaming offerings are usually related to more spendings and a higher revenue, boosted by restaurant offerings as well as shopping options, this move is expected to bring a financial improvement to the company.

This move comes as no surprise to anyone in the gaming industry since some two months ago Caesars introduced another arrangement which is going to bring the brand Caesars Palace to non-gaming locations in Dubai, UAE as well as Los Cabos, Mexico.

 Author: Harrison Young

Harrison Young is an experienced writer, who started his career almost 8 years ago. Prior to joining our team at CasinoGamesPro, he worked as an editor for a small magazine.