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MGM Resorts Renews 24,000 Las Vegas Strip Workers’ Contracts

The latest development around the potential strike of Las Vegas employees which threatened the industry last week and continues to concern the field involves another major casino operator. It was confirmed that another large casino developer MGM Resorts has decided to arrange a deal with its employees willing to go out on a strike this week.

The second tentative agreement between a casino developer and a fraction of the casino workers willing to go out on the streets and leave their work behind for the cause was arranged late this Saturday. It comes just in time since as many as 50,000 workers in the gaming industry of Las Vegas made known their readiness to go on a strike and potentially cripple the field by not providing the services they are equipped to provide.

For a brief moment, the gambling field of Las Vegas was seriously threatened by the strike of employees willing to seek their rights and demand that their employment contracts are renewed for another five years. Two of the major casino employees in the field, Casino Entertainment, and MGM Resorts were concerned by the consequences of such strike as there was the estimation that they would lose as much as $10 million for every single day of the protest.

Arrangements Attempt to Prevent Strike

In order to make things right and prevent this negative impact on the operation, MGM Resorts was the second casino developer to come up with an arrangement which covers the employment of another 24,000 workers employees by the company. The workers are currently working at the 10 casino resorts operated by MGM Resorts located on the Las Vegas Strip and make for a large chunk of the employees willing to go out on a strike.

With the help of the Culinary Union, this deal was reached and each and every one of them had their contract renewed for the span of the following five years. This guaranteed them the needed security that they have their jobs secure. Up to this point, this is the arrangement which is going to affect the largest amount of workers willing to go out on a strike. There is also the added factor of salary increase which was among the demands of casino resorts employees. The workers at MGM Resorts insisted on having their wages increased by 4 percent.

It could be recalled that Friday witnessed Caesars Entertainment inking new contracts with as many as 12,000 of its employees. They have their employment across a total of nine casino resorts located on the Las Vegas Strip. Among the people willing to go out on a strike are people hired at positions ranging from bartenders and housekeepers cooks and other kitchen helpers to cocktail and food servers, porters, and bellmen.

The authorization of the strike was given to the Culinary Union which protects the workers’ rights. At this point, there are other casino operators which have yet to come up with their own arrangement plans, which is why the strike threat is still on.

 Author: Harrison Young

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