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Australia’s Tabcorp Predicts A$100-Million Wagering Turnover during FIFA World Cup

When it comes to the spirit of football and the enthusiastic fans which are more than eager to witness the spectacular performance of their favorite team, every fourth year comes with much more on offer thanks to the FIFA World Cup. Sports betting which is a preferred pastime for many football enthusiasts is also expected to bring quite the betting turnover to bookies around the globe, one of them being Australia’s Tabcorp, forecasting some A$100 million during the World Cup this summer.

Placing bets on sports events and the outcome of them is where many people feel very much in their element since they are well-acquainted with the teams and are ready to put their knowledge and good judgment to the test. Sports wagering and gaming businesses around the world are preparing for the increased interest towards betting on football matches which is going to occur over the span of the 2018 FIFA World Cup which is set to commence on 14th June.

Over the span of an entire month, this would be the most discussed topic. Considered being one of the biggest events when many people make the move to place their bets for the first time, it has a lot of potential for bookmakers. The Australian betting leading operator Tabcorp recently made a projection regarding its potential performance over the span of the said period. According to it, the wagering business expects some US$76.1 million in betting turnover which is a considerable amount in the long run.

Forecasts for the Upcoming Months

Each and every one of the 64 matches will be additionally broadcasted on Sky Racing channel which is owned by Tabcorp, aiming to further boost the popularity of the football meetings. It could be recalled that this move was announced back in August last year when Optus and Tabcorp inked a two-year deal for the official broadcast rights on the English Premier League and this year’s World Cup.

This move is expected to bring even more to the bookmaker. TAB and UBET facilities will also enjoy direct broadcast of the tournaments which will also give enthusiasts the chance to place their wagers then and there. This is considered one of the selling points which could provide football enthusiasts with a one-stop sports betting offering.

In addition to that Optus is set to grant its mobile phone and broadcast subscribers the chance to witness each match with no added cost. This potential turn of events could prove to be beneficial for the operation of Tabcorp which finalized a substantial deal towards the end of 2017. The company accomplished a merger with Tatts Group which was estimated to some A$11 billion which was qualified as the mega-merger of 2017.

The second time turned out to be a successful attempt since the initial attempt for a merger to be accomplished was successfully appealed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. In this sense, this financial boost is more than welcome for the future operation of Tabcorp.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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