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DraftKings Prepares for Sports Wagering Offering at Resorts Casino

Atlantic City is preparing for the potential launch of sports betting in the state of New Jersey which could be one of the first regions of the country to provide players with the gaming offering. One of the ways in which the future sector is expected to prosper is with the recently announced collaboration between DraftKings and Resorts Casino Hotel which is going to see a brand new web-based and mobile sports wagering offering.

One of the most discussed topic in the last several months has been the potential overruling of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 by the United States Supreme Court and this Monday brought the official decision affecting the states which are yet to legalize sports betting. Following the official ruling of SCOTUS, every state will have the chance to make the decision whether to legalize sports betting across its gambling facilities or to retain its current position.

New Jersey is one of the states that allow online gambling and reaps the benefits from this offering. It has also been one of the most fervent supporters of sports betting and what it has on offer, claiming that the PASPA is an outdated notion which should be scrapped and that the industry deserves to have the freedom to offer players with enjoyable gaming entertainment.

DraftKings is well-known across the states and on a global scale as one of the leaders in the daily fantasy sports industry and as such it only makes sense for it to make a move in the gaming hub on the East Coast, Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Awaits Sports Betting Soon

With this latest announcement coming from the two businesses, they are solidifying their promise to bring a breath of fresh air to the field. For the time being DraftKings has not yet disclosed who is going to provide the sports book platform part of the arrangement, as it should be taken into account that the company has specialized in the daily fantasy sports products offering only.

This is great news for players anticipating the legalization of sports betting since it guarantees them an entertaining summer ahead. The DFS provider has not yet given a particular date which could see the official launch of the new sports book available at Resorts Casino. The only information given up to this point was that it should happen before the beginning of the new season of the National Football League which is set to commence this September.

According to the recently issued information regarding the potential voting of the new legislation in the state of New Jersey, the first days of June are considered the best time for this to happen. One particular date was pinpointed and this is 7th June. This is the day which the Senate and the Assembly have picked in order to hold their voting for the needed framework of the new sector.

What needs to be done at the said meeting is that taxes applied to the field should be discussed and voted. Shortly after the ruling of the United States Supreme Court, the authorities announced that there would not be a mandatory one-month waiting period for the casino venues and racetracks in the state.

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