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MGM Resorts Remains Determined to Build Bridgeport Casino Resort

Over the span of the last month, MGM Resorts has been a topic of wide discussion with its plans for future operation and construction of new facilities. This Wednesday brought the news that the casino developer has bought the located in Yonkers, New York Empire City Casino but shortly after that, the casino operator issued the official confirmation that it is still set on developing in Bridgeport, Connecticut where it has plans of constructing a new casino resort.

Ever since September 2017, the talk regarding the future casino resort near the waterfront at Steelpoint Harbor off Stratford Avenue has been in progress. Both sides of the potential endeavor, the state authorities and MGM Resorts have been looking for ways in which this could happen and the proper regulation changes the future resort would need. They are set to have their impact on the field at the beginning of 2019, as the Connecticut General Assembly remains adjourned until the end of this one.

However, this delay is not something that could deter MGM from its set goals for development. Next year there is a real chance for it to happen which is why the supporters of the idea are working hard in order to push their idea, but with the recent confirmation of MGM Resorts future plans was more than welcomed by the community which supports the proposed plans for casino resort construction.

MGM Weighs its Future Options

The recent acquisition of Empire City Casino has not changed the previously stated plan for building a new gambling complex in Connecticut since it is expected to bring many benefits for all parties involved in the process. As it was announced the purchase deal of the casino venue and the adjacent raceway amounted to some $850 million and this brought one of the most renown brands on a global scale to Yonkers.

The casino developer and operator also clarified its recent move involving the purchase of Empire City. According to MGM Resorts, this decision aligns with its future plans for expansion in the region and exploring its gambling potential through boosting its operation. The facility in Yonkers is located some 77 kilometers from the potential location in Bridgeport which only comes to show that the casino operator is looking forward to expanding its operation in the Northeast gambling field.

It could be recalled that this is not the first move in this direction since the year 2016 witnessed another purchase this time in the gambling hub on the East Coast, Atlantic City. Back then the MGM decided to ink the acquisition deal of Borgata Resort which is one of the steadily performing venues in the progressive gaming location. Another one of the ventures is the casino complex in Springfield, Massachusetts which is set to have its official launch very soon.

With the recent ruling of the US Supreme Court which removed the ban on sports betting and let every state work on their own regulation of the gambling activity, wagering on sports events is also on the table for many of the facilities if the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York opt for its legalization.

 Author: Harrison Young

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