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Australian Aristocrat Leisure Marks 28.5-Pct Revenue Surge in H1 2018

The first months of the year have been productive for many businesses in the field as it could be clearly seen by the extensive revenue reports issued recently. One of those companies which enjoyed a significant jump in its revenue was Australia-based slot machine developer Aristocrat Leisure Ltd. which managed to witness a 28.5-percent jump in that sector over the span of the six months which end on 31st March 2018.

With the help of the great interest expressed towards the company’s offerings this surge was witnessed and this comes as no surprise to anyone well-acquainted with the field. Ever since its official entering in the digital industry back in 2012 Aristocrat has claimed a solid spot by the purchase of casino company Product Madness. This week saw the first financial report of the company for this year and the prospects of the foreseeable future appear to be bright.

In a filing to the Australian Securities Exchange Aristocrat stated that it managed to reach a surge amounting to 28.5 percent when it comes to its revenue. When put into figures this revenue reached some AU$1.58 billion which is a considerable improvement if compared to the performance of the company over the same six months finishing on 31st March 2017. Back then revenue managed to reach only AU$1.23 billion.

Strong First Half for Aristocrat

As for the net profit calculated after tax, there was also an improvement amounting to 2.8 percent which translated to some AU$256.5 million for the fiscal first half of the year. When compared to the company’s performance over the same time period a significant effect on the figures came from the higher design and development costs. If the said cost associated with generating revenue is to be represented with percentages there was a surge estimating to 37.4 percent.

This means that the Australia-listed developer saw some AU$669.5 million for the first six months of its fiscal year, which is a significant improvement year-on-year compared to the AU$487.4 million amassed over the first half of last year. There was a reason pointed out for the current performance of the company and that was the reported acquisition-related costs which comprised of a cash and non-cash basis. According to the gaming devices developer stating the information in its filing, they reached some AU$97.6 million.

Among the factors which affected this figure were transaction costs, retention payments, as well as other various related costs which could not be avoided. It could be recalled that over the said period Aristocrat managed to ink to acquisitions, the first one being that of the digital content provider Plarium, whereas the second one involved the acquisition of social casino company Big Fish. The latter one took place back in November 2017 and the gaming company based in Seattle which is also a unit of the Thoroughbred horse racing operator Churchill Downs was sold for some $990 million in cash.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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