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Malta Gaming Authority Brings Unified Self-Exclusion System to Remote Operators

Malta is Europe’s online gaming hub which seems to be on a constant pursuit of improvement and refinement of its gaming regulations. The latest news brings the spotlight to the new Unified Self-Exclusion System which is going to affect the operation of the operators developing their remote operation under a license issued by Malta Gaming Authority.

It is not a secret to anyone that the island country of Malta has spent the past years focusing on bettering its gaming industry. The continuous efforts in this direction are what have elevated its performance to the state it is now and many international operators in the gambling industry prefer the location for their development. Online gaming is one of the most developed sectors enjoying the attention of more and more operators, whereas cryptocurrencies of all types are also able to thrive with the help of the newly greenlighted regulation provided for the virtual currency field.

Remote Gaming licensees are going to witness this new and improved system which is striving to utilize their operation and make it much more intuitive and seamless. Even though up to this point the said licensees were obliged to provide their customers with the much-needed self-exclusion technology, the field was not supplied with a unified tool which to make the operation of all businesses easier. This is how players were able to find themselves in the awkward situation of being excluded by a given operator.

For many years now this has been a common issue bringing unneeded complications to the process, but this Tuesday was the day that brought the revamp needed by many. In an attempt to further boost the performance of the gaming sector MGA is also going to give green light to operators which have a license for operation issued by another jurisdiction to sign up for utilizing the system on a voluntary basis. The entire process is not something new for the gaming regulator since it could be recalled that brick-and-mortar operators recently received an upgraded unified self-exclusion system as well.

Other Recent Regulation Changes

Earlier this month the lawmakers of Malta gave the nod to the third reading of the Gaming Act which will strive to provide the gaming regulator with an improved supervisory position. The main objective of the new provisions added to the national Gaming Act will be to give the green light to a new regulatory mandate which will affect businesses operating at the moment.

Another important feature of the new Gaming Act is the focus on anti-money laundering policies. The existing framework is going to be further boosted by the new regulation and potentially provide all parties involved in the process with the proper protection against fraudulent activities. Sports betting is another sector which demands more attention and this will be made easier with the help of the upgraded regulation.

It is expected to come into force at the beginning of July when it comes to the gambling developers operating remotely, whereas 1st January 2019 is going to see it affect brick-and-mortar operators as well.

 Author: Hannah Wallace

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