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Japan’s Izumisano City Remains Optimistic for Integrated Resort Construction

Japan is currently going through an interesting period of new opportunities and development when it comes to its budding gambling field and the location of its first integrated resort is one of the highly debated topics across the country. Two of the considered locations are Izumisano city which is located in Osaka Prefecture, as well as the Yumeshima man-made island in Osaka Bay, the former still keeping its hope that it could become the chosen site.

Ever since the early autumn of 2017 the Diet has been working on the idea that Japan should have its own gambling field which to have the potential to attract players from around the world and provide them with offerings living up to their expectations. Due to the proximity of some of the most renown gambling hubs to the likings of Macau and Singapore, this move might prove to be a substantial step in the right direction, since it is expected to bring a steady flow of gaming revenue and tourists willing to give their luck a try at a new gambling location.

While there are many strong arguments in support of the development of gaming in Japan there are also the concerns expressed regarding problem gambling tendencies across the nation and how this could affect people’s lives. In order to provide protection to everyone the government is now working on ways in which the framework could be designed in the best way possible. The next phase of the development process would be the choice of a location for development which could host the future casino resort.

Prospects of the Japanese Gambling Field

At the very beginning of the discussion process in relation to the site the two aforementioned locations were considered, but as the months progressed Yumeshima began gaining the lead and the support of many leading figures. However, the officials from Izumisano have not yet decided that it is time for them to bury the dreams of welcoming a casino resort, as recently local government group made their way to the Japan Gaming Congress.

This month saw the third edition of the gamin congregation and it gave the opportunity to many businesses to network and receive some insights in the future field. Keisuke Kimura is the city’s Manager for the Attraction of an Integrated Resort and he stated that Izumisano has a lot on offer for casino players and tourists infrastructure-wise. One of the biggest benefits is that the city boasts an airport in its vicinity which would be of great convenience to foreign guests of the resort.

It could be recalled that the region’s efforts to attract an integrated resort could be dated back to 2013 when the City Council decided to issue an official document which backs up the filing in for construction. There has also been a survey conducted in the region which reports back some 78-percent approval of the potential casino resort by locals.

The most suitable location there would be the Rinku Town which provides shopping offerings, various pastime activities, as well as offices and logistic centers. In the meantime, Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui maintains his position that Yumeshima has the greatest potential as integrated resort site. Most experts in the field state that with the pace that conversations are going no so far the year 2023 could see Japan’s first casino resort launch.

 Author: Harrison Young

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