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Barcelona Welcomes $1 Million GTD 888poker LIVE Festival this Thursday

Barcelona’s vibrant spirit is soon going to clash with the riveting poker action provided by 888poker LIVE which is expected to bring premium poker tournaments to the Spanish capital. This Thursday is set to welcome the official start of the long-anticipated 888poker LIVE Barcelona which is going to welcome all participants with the promising guaranteed overall prize pool of $1 million.

What is sure to attract poker player to a given festival regardless of the location on the globe is the generous guaranteed prize pools. The people responsible for the organization of 888poker LIVE’s poker stops around the world are very well aware of this fact which is why they aim to provide all participants with substantial payouts for the top positions on the leader boards. As usual, the preferred location for this poker gathering is Casino Barcelona which is able to provide its guests willing to showcase their poker skills with the corresponding level of proficiency.

The poker festival itself is going to continue over the span of a week and a half, coming to an end on 3rd June and granting one lucky champion at the end of the Main Event. This culminating tournament is going to offer to its players registering for participation a guaranteed prize pool of €500,000 which is expected to increase the interest towards it. The last day of May is scheduled to see the official start of this poker event, which is going to feature three starting flights, Day 2, and a Final Day putting an end to the entire festival. This event comes with a buy-in amounting to some €1,100.

Various Events up for Grabs

From its very first day, the 888poker LIVE Barcelona is determined to provide its players with numerous opportunities for generating a large amount of money over the span of the events. The first one is going to be the Opening Event which features as many as four starting flights.

Each of them features a buy-in reaching €220 and each of the players on the numerous tables will commence their run towards the big cashes with a chip stack of 30,000. As for the Final Day, it will take place on 27th May Sunday, granting the big winner with a considerable paycheck. Another event worth mentioning over the span of this festival is, of course, the High Roller bringing many of the well-known names in the industry together to prove their skills are still able to elevate them to the top positions. It will commence next Wednesday on 31th May with a buy-in of €2,200.

Each player will receive a chip stack of 100,000 in chips giving them the freedom to operate with them as they deem appropriate. The guaranteed prize pool of this event is also estimating to €100,000. Just like in every other poker festival hosted by 888poker, this one is going to have a wide variety of events on offer. Some of them are the appreciated by many Pot-Limit Omaha poker event bringing a breath of fresh air in the predominantly No-Limit Hold’em field. There will also be a Ladies Event for ladies willing to give their luck a try, as well as other riveting tournaments.

 Author: Benjamin Barry

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